Xie Zheqing: One session, one session, traveling through time and space to meet Japanese art

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Xie Zheqing: One session, one session, traveling through time and space to meet Japanese art

One session, one session, originated from the idiom of the tea ceremony, which means to cherish the once-in-a-lifetime gathering. As a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Japan, Zhenruyuan once again held a series of lectures on the soul of LOHAS on the sunny afternoon of May 21 last month, attracting 500 audiences. Xie Zheqing led everyone to travel through time and space and meet Japan. The beauty of art. The Wild Buddha: What Art Tells Us “Japan is the favorite for Taiwanese tourists to go abroad for sightseeing. What else can I see outside the lively trip? This is what I want to talk to you about today.” Xie Zheqing showed a photo of a stone statue of Buddha with an explosive head. This is the Golden Ring Guangming Temple that he must visit in Kyoto. This unusual Buddha statue is a work of the Edo period. The Buddhist temple’s saying is: The Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree to practice and did not have time to cut his hair. DSC04915 Photo Credit: Zhenruyuan Photos of Xie Zheqing’s lecture on 5/21 (Sun) Such a vivid description just confirms the connection between Buddha nature and human nature. Xie Zheqing said that the focus of art history is not how much works are worth, but more importantly,


Fat girl, disease of greed The sick grass paper collected

by the Kyoto Museum is a Qatar Phone Number work of the late Heian period in the 12th century. Combining the descriptions of doctors and. What he heard in reality, the painter depicts various diseases. Such as a sleeping man with pinholes and a tooth-shaking. Man with periodontal disease. Yamai_no_soshi_(fukuoka_art_museum) photo credit: wikimedia sick grass .With coloring on paper (fat woman). Fukuoka art museum the sick grass paper. Is not only about physical diseases. But also contains the principles of birth. Old age, sickness and death. Formation and living, bad emptiness. Xie zheqing .Said that his favorite is “The plump girl”.Which is a picture of a woman who is so fat that she needs someone. To help her. Highlighting how life is faced. With the problems of birth, old age, sickness and death.”

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It is a collective creation from the end of the twelfth century

to the beginning of the thirteenth century. Bird and beast play painting_Chouju_thief Photo Credit: Wikimedia bird and beast play In the picture of animalizing human beings, the so-called four heavenly kings include monkeys, rabbits, frogs, and foxes.  The core of cultural creativity is to understand. If we can understand ancient culture, the characters in the work will span the ages. When the meaning is connected, you can create again.” – Xie Zheqing Art, a dialogue across time and space Good works of art can generate connections across time and space, and the dissemination and creation of art is a deep dialogue across time and space. The important Japanese art school “Edo Rin School” also spread to the West and deeply influenced Klimt. At the end of the 19th century,

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