Why is it important to develop a second brain

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Why is it important to develop a second brain

In the first place, because the volume of information that can be processed conventionally is limited. And on the other hand, because this task reduces the energy that the brain can use for creativity, problem solving, prospecting for future conditions, purposeful efforts, etc. The amount of information that is available is too great, so it is necessary to consider tools that help. Fortunately, technology can be an important aid in this regard. Since it is not only one of the causes of this contemporary information explosion, it is also a vital resource to support solutions. This is what developing a “second brain” is all about. Use available technological resources to build a system that captures, processes and provides information according to the purposes that each person has and in order to optimize the work of the “main brain”.

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Brain The idea is simple: increase people’s productivity, competitiveness and well-being. Especially in his professional development, which is subject to greater dispute. But also (and this is the interesting thing), in private life. As long as the mind has more energy for creative tasks and relaxed production, the impact is entirely positive for the interests Canada Phone Number List of any person. Now, it is necessary to understand how important productivity, competitiveness and well-being are in people’s lives (surely the latter as an effect of the others). Each concept is independent. For example: there is no way to be competitive without basic productivity, but you can be highly productive and not distinguish yourself in professional competition. And this issue of “distinction” is precisely the most important factor to function in today’s world.

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Distinguish yourself first from the work of machines, but also from other people. The issue of competitiveness does not always deserve the same consideration by everyone. Sometimes it gets controversial. It seems that as more progress is achieved, the matter of competition becomes more “anachronistic”. Many psychologists IG Users Phone List and scholars of social development consider that competitive pursuits contribute little to mental well-being. However, such considerations are risky. Competition is a natural state of life. There is no getting around it, no matter how much “higher” considerations get in the way. Evolution is the result of the ability of species to adapt and prevail. That is, how “competent” they can be to interact with their environment and circumstances.

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