What Is a Reactive Attitude

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What Is a Reactive Attitude

The reactive attitude mainly composed of two branches. On the one hand, a feeling and, on the other, a behavior . If we go to the emotional part . This attitude  normally generated when we feel anger. Shame, sadness or that our person attacked. The behavioral part occurs after the sentimental experience, among some of its typical expressions you will recognize sarcasm, criticism, not speaking or ridiculing the other.

What Is a Reactive Attitude For

Often when we react reactively we do so with the intention of diverting our focus from the unpleasant feelings we are experiencing. The moment I feel embarrassed or hurt, connecting with that emotion can be painful and that is why reactive behaviors are put in place to avoid feeling Cameroon Phone Number List the emotion fully. It is true that in the short term it can be a useful strategy and it can help us feel better, that is undeniable, but in the long term they end up generating greater guilt and isolation. Not to mention, obviously, that the fact of attacking the other person’s flaws to avoid feeling attacked also generates an automatic defense reaction by the other party. That is when the famous defensive loops begin, we could say it like the fish that bites its own tail, we enter a cycle of constant attack on both sides.Cameroon Phone Number List

Causes of Reactive Attitude

At this point it is possible that you feel identified with this type of attitude, that is when we begin to ask ourselves, how we have begun to fall into those loops and what has been the cause that has started this ordeal. Next, I want to list some of the most typical causes of a reactive IG Users Phone List attitude: Have a low assertive capacity . If we have a lack of social skills to communicate assertively, it is very likely that we will opt for either a reactive attitude or a passive attitude. Reaction to remembering past experiences . It is possible that certain situations act as emotional triggers, they transport us to places and situations in which we have felt vulnerable and our mind reacts with a strong defense to avoid experiencing the same pain.

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