What Can a Brand Do to Find That Tune That Will Make

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What Can a Brand Do to Find That Tune That Will Make

Last year, curious to discover what foreign designers create around the world, we launched a series of design-related interviews. We selected designers we loved, in various countries, and sent them a list of questions to discover their design inspiration, work, or the degree of influence of their homeland culture. Our goal is to understand better how and where the graphic design community seeks inspiration, if it tackles censorship or limits in some countries, and if the design results tends to standardise.This investigation is still open, so if you want to participate, you can download this form: designers-world-questions, answer the questions and send us your answers + HD images to tiphaine.

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From the series of interviews and from our own researches, the most image manipulation service famous and first designer who contributed to give a visual identity to Turkey is İhap Hulusi Görey (1898 – 1986). Born in Egypt, he studied in Germany, came back to Istanbul in 1925 and participated in the liberalisation of his new country. He developed a series of posters, bank notes and packaging for daily products and devoted 45 years of his life to illustrate and advertise the Turkish State Lottery tickets. Its Germanic graphic style nonetheless owed him the title of father of Turkish graphic arts and advertising as he contributed to launch and develop the disciplines, and design the country’s new face.

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Following İhap Hulusi Görey’s lead, others contributed to IG Users develop graphic design and arts in the country. Emin Barin (1913-1987) is famous for his calligraphic compositions, mixing Arabic and Latin characters. Trained in Germany as Görey, he designed Turkish coins for the government. His work contributed to maintain the legacy of kufic characters as a Turkish influence. Yurdaer Altıntaş (1935-) spread Turkish graphic design abroad, and to the creation of the Association of Graphic Artist. In the 70s’, he contributed to create a graphic art department in Industrial Arts school. The teaching method was inspired by European schools, in France or Germany. This didn’t particularly help to develop a typical Turkish graphic design.

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