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Web design trends: what’s on now

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Web design trends: what’s on now

The motto of web design  experts  should be “renew or die.” Every year is loaded with news and fashions, to the point that we can almost know when a website was created at a glance. And of course, both clients and agencies want to have a state-of-the-art website to complement their  digital marketing. To give you a cable, we are going to review  10 web design trends  that hit hard in 2019. Of course, it is not about applying all of them at once (it would be impossible!), But about seeing which ones can best fit in the unique style of each. brand.

10 web design trends for 2019

1) Design systems

A design system is a collection of reusable components, subject to a series of rules, limitations and principles. In recent times, more and more brands have a design system and even make it available to the public. Big companies like Shopify, Airbnb and Trello have already joined this trend, publishing their own style guides that explain in depth the reason for their design decisions. Even if you don’t dare to publish your design system, having one will help you  speed up decision making and reduce inconsistencies.

2) Animations

The  GIF  animated take many years between us, but now they are going chats and social networks to occupy a leading place in the web. As web design elements, animated GIFs are an excellent resource for  capturing users’ attention and explaining complex concepts  effectively. In addition, today they can be viewed in most browsers and mobile devices.

3) Flat Design

Flat Design or flat design is simply  minimalism  applied to web design. His bet translates into simple-looking websites, with bright colors and Buy Namibia Consumer People Phone List two-dimensional illustrations. This trend has two great advantages for the websites that decide to bet on it. First of all, it fosters  usability , making it possible for the user to quickly find what they are looking for and for concepts to be conveyed more effectively. And secondly, it makes it possible for websites to have   faster loading times, which improves the user experience and web positioning. Flat Design web design 2019

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4) Blank space

White space or negative space is one of the characteristics of Flat Design, but its importance makes it deserve separate attention.

The blank space allows us to individualize the different elements of the page and improve the  reading experience , achieving more functional and visually pleasing websites. If we combine it with any of the web design trends that we have already seen, such as bright colors or animations, we will be able to direct the user’s attention to the sections that interest us the most.

5) Giant fonts

No more Times New Roman size 10 websites. If you want users to see something, say it big! And if you really want to attract attention, dare to bet on original or even animated fonts.

6) Get off the grid

For a long time, web designs have been based on a grid where the different elements are placed, following parallel and perpendicular lines. This practice is very effective in generating a neat and easy-to-read page, but respecting it to the letter can end up being a bit boring. For this reason, the most daring brands dare to bet on  creative freedom , for example, by arranging the elements along diagonals. In this way, the monotony of the page is broken and it helps to attract the user’s attention to the elements that interest us the most.

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7) Organic forms

The era of gridded web design is long gone. The websites that follow the latest trends dare to bet on irregular, uneven and, ultimately, imperfect shapes. The elements with organic shapes seem to be drawn by hand and are much more  human to us , helping to bring the brand closer to the user. In addition, in a world where most websites continue to bet on squares and circles, they are the most refreshing.

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8) Chatbots

Although they are more of a functionality than an element of the web design itself, I could not stop including chatbots and virtual assistants in this list, since I consider that they are a very valuable addition to the webs in 2019.

Chatbots are that little help that helps to improve the  user’s experience  on the web, solving their doubts and guiding them in the right direction. At the same time, they save a great deal of time and resources in customer service. Although some brands have been incorporating this type of solutions on their websites for years, we are now experiencing a great boom motivated by improvements in  machine learning , which make these assistants increasingly efficient and more human.

9) Accessibility

More than a web trend, accessibility is an unavoidable reality in 2019. So, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to rethink your website in terms of accessibility. Making a Phone Number List website accessible to people with special needs is not only a sign of corporate social responsibility, but also allows a greater number of users to buy your products and services. My recommendation is that you consult the guides on web accessibility such as WCAG 2.0 and consult an expert on the subject if necessary.

10) Sketch

The “Photoshop vs. Sketch” debate has been dividing designers for years. The novelty here is that the tables have been turned and now more and more are betting on  Sketch. Sketch is a tool  specially designed for web designers  and it can cover a wide variety of needs, from prototyping to client presentations. In addition, it has a library of open source plugins that makes the work of web design professionals much easier.

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