We want them to be well physically

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We want them to be well physically

We also want them to feel special and loved. In other words we want for them the same thing that we want for ourselves. In this sense we can see that what we know as the “ pet food ” or “ pet care ” sector is evolving more and more towards what we could call “ pet welfare ” animal welfare since we want to have within our reach everything that makes them have a full and happy life in every way. With this starting point we are beginning to see more and more bars and restaurants accepting animals indoors even offering bowls of water and a space to stretch out.

The integration of the animal

We also see how in the tourism sector many accommodations philippines photo editor and hotels also accept the visit of animals thus promoting pet friendly vacations or getaways in which animals are one more and not a problem to deal with. stylish pets We have even seen fashion companies such as HM or Inditex have launched their “Pet Collection” for all those who want to dress and shelter their animals and do it with style or in the latest fashion. There are more and more brands and companies from different sectors that see “person animal” as inseparable and if they understand that link and that relationship and offer experiences and products for both the brand will become much more important and relevant for they.

philippines photo editor

Stylish pets

Seeing this great process of humanization of animals and the IG Users constant search to live experiences with them it is not strange to wonder where the limit will be For example we could even imagine gyms that it is possible to attend with your dog and do a few minutes on the treadmill together. Or perhaps it will be possible to normalize that the mental health of animals is important and part of their wellbeing and therefore perhaps we will be able to have psychologists to whom we can go to treat them when necessary. If we think about travel and mobility; Perhaps there will come a time when dogs and cats will be able to have a (paid) place in the cabin of an airplane, to travel with their owners, and not have to be in the hold, separated and isolated.

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