Twitch, the video social network owned by Amazon

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Twitch, the video social network owned by Amazon

Twitch  is one of Amazon’s best-kept secrets  . Despite being one of the pages with the most traffic on the Internet, there are still few who know it and even fewer who dare to include it in their marketing plans. As a marketer, Twitch  offers you a golden opportunity to  differentiate yourself from the competition  and reach a large, young audience with a positive attitude towards brands. Therefore, I want to tell you what exactly the Amazon video network is and how to use it to advertise your company.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video streaming platform   owned by Amazon. Most of its users use it to watch videos of gamers playing live, a very simple concept that takes advantage of the huge pull of the video game industry (today, this sector moves more money than music and cinema combined). On Twitch, gamers play video games with millions of users a month like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). In addition to broadcasting their games live, they also comment on the action in real time and have a chat to interact with the spectators.

Twitch has more than  100 million monthly active users  (a third of Twitter’s audience) and 2.2 million monthly streamers. According to data from the network itself, 99% of its users watch video game broadcasts, 61% chat with the community, 38% consume other types Buy Vietnam Mobile Number List of videos and 25% broadcast their own games. 58% of users spend more than 20 hours a month on Twitch. In short, it is a smaller community than other large networks, but it is still a very significant audience and above all, with a high level of activity.

It is also interesting to note that, although video games are the origin and essence of this community, not all channels deal with this topic. We can also find other types of live broadcasts such as cooking shows, tourist visits and much more.

How can you make money with Twitch?

The  streamers of Twitch  have various channels to obtain money through your online presence:

  • Following a Twitch channel is free , but to remove the ads and get incentives, users have to  subscribe  and pay a fee. This fee is shared between the streamer and the network itself. Subscriptions come in three different tiers: $ 4.99, $ 9.99, and $ 24.99 per month. The streamers themselves decide what incentives to offer to the subscribers of each level.
  • Users can also support their favorite channels by sending them “bits “, a kind of virtual gems that can be purchased and used to send chat messages featured with animated emoticons (” Cheers “). Users can buy “bits” with different offers depending on the quantity and send them to their favorite creators by typing “cheer” in the chat and the number of bits to use. Streamers typically receive one penny for every bit used to cheer them. Since its release in late June 2016, more than 1 billion bits have been sent.
  • Twitch can be a good place for gamers to promote their skills and get into the prestigious   eSports championships , a kind of tournaments in which players get prizes for defeating their opponents.
  • And finally, it is also possible to  use Twitch as a platform to launch a career as an  influencer  on other social networks . For example, this is the case of Ninja, the first Twitch user to reach 10 million followers.
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How does Twitch marketing work?

82% of Twitch users believe that sponsorships are positive for the video game industry, so  advertising content is  well received on the site. If your brand is aimed at an audience of  generation Z  (the average age on the site is 21 years old) and mostly male (81.5% of users), you are probably interested in considering this network as a marketing channel .

The Twitch marketing ecosystem revolves around  partners . To become a partner, a streamer needs to meet the following conditions:

  • An established audience and chat that are constantly growing.
  • A regular broadcast schedule (at least three times a week).
  • Content that complies with the rules and conditions of the site.

Partners can insert  pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads  into their broadcasts; in total, one ad is allowed every 8 minutes. To get the best results, you should look for users with an established and regular audience. It is also possible to place ads in the sidebars. Twitch works on a cost-per-thousand system and generally costs between $ 2 and $ 10 per 1,000 impressions.

5 examples of brands that succeed on Twitch

If you need more inspiration, don’t miss out on these campaigns!

Kellogs Krave

Kellogs was encouraged to launch into advertising on Twitch with the agency Signal. The chosen format was pre-roll ads and the campaign was launched in Spain, Italy and France. The ad featured a 3D animation of the brand’s mascot, ” Krave Chocovore, ” wearing a Twitch hoodie. Thus, they managed to integrate the two brands effectively.


Since it is a video game company, Twitch is a great choice for EA. To promote its game ” The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, ” the company partnered with streamer RoryPlays to create a sponsored two-hour live broadcast.

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During the broadcast, RoryPlays tested the game and told the audience about its features. Additionally, by expressing appreciation to the brand for sponsoring trips and allowing it to display exclusive content to fans, this broadcast helped to position EA positively among its followers.


Among the players and streamers of PlayerUnknow BattleGrounds, the phrase ” winner winner chicken dinner ” (something like “to win, to win, chicken for dinner”) is very popular. KFC did not pass up this opportunity to collaborate with streamer Lupo and thus promote their brand.

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Old spice

The famous brand  Old Spice  from colognes decided to give Twitch a twist and show that not everything has to be about video games. Thus, they took advantage of the live chat for a campaign called ” Old Spice Nature Adventure “. The premise: an actor in the woods who was contractually bound to do whatever Twitch users asked of him for three days. A great idea to take advantage of the interactivity of this network. Not happy with this initiative, after two years they again tried their luck with another interactive campaign in which eight users had to collaboratively control a giant octopus.


The battery brand dared with a  super streaming campaign , in which eight influencers took part in a five-hour broadcast with multiple cameras. The broadcast featured 25 different challenges powered by a single charge of new Duracell batteries. By harnessing the combined power of eight influencers at once, Duracell was able to accumulate 187,000 visits from 150,000 unique users, 335,000 viewed minutes, and 4,800 chat interactions.

10 reasons to include Twitch in your marketing plans

  1. Interaction with  millennials  and  centennials . The new generations are an attractive audience for many brands, as they have a great capacity to influence the market. 55% of the users of the Amazon video network are between 18 and 34 years old, which makes it one of the best places to reach this audience precisely.
  2. Influencer marketing . Although it is a social network focused mainly on video games, Twitch influencers can recommend all kinds of brands effectively. For example, the Achievement Hunter channel is sponsored by Blue Apron (food delivery), Omaha Steaks (food), and (razor blades). As long as the product can interest channel fans, there are good possibilities to establish an effective collaboration between both parties. And as we already know, influencer marketing is a good tool to build trust.
  3. Pre-roll ads.  Thanks to pre-roll ads, brands can have a format that does not require collaboration with any specific channel. Since this network is very strict when it comes to monitoring the content of its creators, it can be considered more “safe” for advertisers than other video sites such as YouTube. Big brands like Netflix, Apple and Nike are already using it for their campaigns.
  4. Access to a world market.  Twitch brings together gamers from all over the world, so it’s a good bet wherever you are. And of course, it is also very interesting if you are looking to reach an international audience.
  5. Little saturation . Large social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube, are full of ads from a multitude of brands. In the end, what ends Phone Number List up generating this saturation is that the user “disconnects” and the ads are no longer as effective. On the other hand, in the Amazon social network you can find a new audience and benefit from a greater impact and more frequency of viewing.
  6. Great social possibilities . In the end, more than a video platform, Twitch is above all a social network. Unlike other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the action here happens live. Users can interact with the streamer in real time. Some streamers even take advantage of this possibility by letting users choose which game to play or which restaurant to visit. And the relationship is not just two-way: chat participants can also establish connections with each other. In short, the social element helps to hook users and largely explains the success of this network.
  7. Flexible branding options . To get started with advertising on Twitch on a modest budget, pre-roll ads are a great option … but as we’ve seen in the examples above, brands can do a lot more. For example, gaming headphone maker Turtle Beach often gives away free products to streamers as long as they mention their brand. In this way, the audience can see a live product demonstration.
  8. Continuous growth . In 2012, Twitch had about 20 million monthly users, and since then the numbers have not stopped growing. Looking at the numbers, it makes sense to bet that this network is going to be around for a long time and therefore being one of the first brands to have a presence there is a great long-term investment. In addition, elements have been introduced beyond the world of video games, so the public is diversifying. Who knows, maybe one day we could be talking about the successor to YouTube.
  9. Own content . Brands do not have to limit themselves to sponsoring streamers, they can also take advantage of the platform to create and broadcast their own live content. For example, many companies use it to broadcast press conferences or charity events. The key to making it work is to create engaging and entertaining content for the audience, not the subject matter of it.
  10. The power of the live . Whether on television or online, live broadcasts have the ability to engage viewers and make them feel part of something. Live is the essence of Twitch and is what makes it such a powerful tool, allowing users to participate in a unique moment. Do not miss it!
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