Thus it is intended to create a schematic image exposing the most essential and characteristic

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Thus it is intended to create a schematic image exposing the most essential and characteristic

In addition, the creation of symbols supposes an important work of synthesis, which requires a process in which shapes, colors, words, concepts and instructions are synthesize; forming a family of symbols, which create or belong to a brand or entity. We can see this type of signage in any type of corporation, such as museums, airports, restaurants, etc. Inesem business school course in art direction (university degree with 5 ects credits) more information the creative process in signage it seems like a somewhat tedious creation process, but let’s not get confused, the creation of signage can be one of the most fun and creative processes in the branch of graphic design , in which different design factors are involved, as important as the shape, color, stroke, etc.

We can see this type of signage in any type of

Keep in mind that through a few lines and a fill, we will be able to transmit any type of information , address or instruction, so that the viewer can see it, understand it and follow Latvia Phone Number it easily at first glance. As we can see in the image, the signage is not the creation of a single symbol, but of several, forming a family, which reinforces the information of the space or the environment. This set of symbols is compose of a specific style and lines, which make up a coherent unit. In order to carry this out , a series of elements must be taken into account, which are very important in the creation of symbols. On the one hand, the pictograms, signs that represent symbols, figures or real objects.

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On the other hand , attention must be paid to the color code

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The choice of these will depend on semantics, syntax and pragmatism, since their use is based on abstraction, that is. The importance of the designer for this reason, the capacity for synthesis of the. Designer himself is very important , as well as his perception of reality and space.

Thus, it is intend to create a schematic image exposing the most essential. And characteristic so that the user captures the information directly. Generating a mental synthesis of the information and storing it. On the other hand , attention must paid to the color code, or chromatic code. Since colors are use to differentiate areas, building floors, routes, etc. They even support us in creating a family of symbols. In addition, the use of color serves to integrate the signage in the environment or space in

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