There is thunder in the text, you can first collect the article and watch the movie and then read it) Eliminate

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There is thunder in the text, you can first collect the article and watch the movie and then read it) Eliminate

There is thunder in the text. You can first collect the article and watch the. Movie and then read it) eliminate ghosts and evil. But it is people’s obsessions that are eradicated? Wu shiqing, the author of “Blade of ghost slayer”. Meticulously filled the characters in the work. With their own obsessions, and used this as the .Driving force for the characters to advance the story step by step. Since then, the characters of “Ghost slayer” have become three-dimensional. Even like a mirror, reflecting the diversity and stubbornness of human nature.
Whether it is a comic or an animation, every time an important villain dies, a related memory record will emerge.

This memory also

Happens to be the Nigeria Phone Number obsession of a ghost before becoming a human, such as being tired, wanting family and belonging, for example, xiang kai wants approval, or yi wozu wants strength, and wu mian wants to live with dignity. It can seen from this that ghosts are born from the hearts of people who are fluctuat by obsession. The predecessors of ghosts are people, and ghosts are things creat by people to complete obsessions. This also happens to be consistent with many acg settings. Produc by the human heart. For example, the light novel “Fictional reasoning” once mentioned that ghosts are a collection of human imaginations, and ghosts only arise when humans believe in certain ghosts and legends. If people no longer have faith, the existence of ghosts, or the truth of ghosts, will disappear.

Nigeria Phone Number

The observation theory

Emphasiz in the light novel “youth with pig hea don’t dream of bunny girl” can only exist if it is observ. , disappears without being observed. Arrow_forwar_ios Power by gliastudio Going back to “Blade of ghost slayer”, although the sett that ghosts come from people’s hearts is also adopt, it is slightly different. The ghosts in the work are not born because of others, but because of their own obsessions. Indeed, such a setting seems to be old-fashion, and the work does not want to study how ghosts solve themselves. After all, this work is still described by people, and ghosts are more like a reverse example, so as to set off the author’s value statement .

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