The Importance of Psychological Tests in Organizations

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The Importance of Psychological Tests in Organizations

The human genome from the perspective of corporate psychometric tests human factor: core element to develop organizational strategies the importance of psychological tests in organizations there is currently a framework in corporations and the neuro-environmental scenario with its construction of subjective realities of all the people who make life in it, in the last century, that is, the nineties and eighties, in which i witnessed exception, experiential, for developing the role of head of payroll, head of industrial relations and later as manager of industrial relations, the psychometric tests had a fundamental importance in the recruitment process, it allowed us an interpretation of certain behavioral aspects, thoughts and execution in the context of interaction in an environment that provided organizations with a corporate language.

The black box of toxicity dressed as authority

The hidden costs of the bad decision of chief haters and contumaz the most outstanding mistake observed in people. Who called themselves “bosses” or maintained themselves as such. Due to the pyramidal hierarchical structure, the hidden cost that from their poor interpersonal relationships with people of influence, which shattere esteem Uruguay Phone Number List and self-esteem, generating fear, fears and psychological crises in the people who lived in the organization. This type of authoritarian and abusive manager, whom we met in the seventies and eighties, referred to as a foreman. He always thought that he directed animals on a farm and not people who had dreams, feelings and emotions, therefore the focus was eminently production, profitability and tangible goods. One of the most visible characteristics of him was underestimating people, yelling at his pseudo-authority, denigrating his strength in command of a department.

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Which it refers to the practice of healthy work environments, people development, that allow crossing individual objectives with corporate ones, in short, the neuro-quantum leap of the healthy organization with exponential results. It is important to emphasize that the insecurities and miseries of this type of boss led him to  considered emotionally illiterate, who allied himself with his arrogance to humiliate, concealing them with the response IG Users Phone List to the production process that had to be demanding with financial results. Today, that the demand of society in all orders has been demanding and imposing disruptive changes, we continue to see corporations with this model of managing people, old, anachronistic and with causalities of the imperfect corporate world that fails to banish the key point to a resonant and hermeneutical leadership where subordination without conscience is broken.

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