The genuine capitalist is the one who saves

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The genuine capitalist is the one who saves

It is one of the basic formulas of economy: saving is equal to investment. Likewise the essence of a fashionable phrase: “cash is the king”. Saving puts life in order, generates discipline, allows one to mature and develop incomparably valuable skills to navigate market economies. Who saves always obtains the best prices, avoids financial interests and comfortably “surfs” the difficult periods of the economy. Naive (to say the least) is someone who buys a house paying 25 years of debt and its respective interests. Likewise, the one who pays 3 times the value of a car to finance it in 5 or 7 years. There is nothing financially savvy about this, or even arithmetical sanity. And justifying it with the banal logic of “immediate retribution” is even more absurd.

Is It So Hard to Appreciate

It’s a Very Simple Thing to See. but If the Majority Do Not Succeed, It Is Simply Because the System Has Done Its Job Well. on the Other Hand, It Is Also an Enormous Opportunity for Those Who Want to Distinguish Themselves from the Herd and Command Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List Their Destiny. However, Saving Is Not an Easy Task Either. It’s a Remarkably Sophisticated Thing. Possibly for This Reason It Is Avoided. It Is Not Comfortable to Save, Quite the Opposite. and in This Culture of Immediacy and Ease, It Is Not the Path Chosen by Those Who Privilege the Routes of Minimum Effort.

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Saving is a complex technique. That is why it benefits few. But those few are precisely those who dominate the capitalist system and define the evolution of the world. Study and learn from this. Take the time you need. Invest effort in mastering all possible techniques. Do it with the same dedication that shopping and consumption demand. Save and put IG Users Phone List capitalism at your feet. Enjoy the true quality of life. Experience the freedom of someone who owns their destiny, and not someone who sleeps every night with the challenge of activating in the morning to pay off debts that allow them to have a roof over their head, four tires under their feet and the illusion of make a trip to meet, in distant places, people who live just like him.

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