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The 3 most successful ad blockers

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The 3 most successful ad blockers

In recent years,  ad blockers  have become the favorite response of users to intrusive ads that ruin their browsing experience and make it difficult to read. So much so, that the use of these programs has grown by no less than 92% since 2014. Moment of the  boom and expansion of adblockers. In 2019 its use has been normalized, and even dropped a bit. Its function of stopping annoying advertising is working and more and more advertisers are inclined to have their ads help the consumer, instead of chasing them. According to the  2018 IABSpain Annual Study of Social Networks , 71% of users like or are neutral to the advertising that appears on social networks. This is related to personalizing the advertising to each profile and your needs.

Many advertisers position themselves against adblocks, but at Cyberclick we believe that they are useful and necessary. Since  marketing Buy Paraguay Consumer People Phone List should not be associated with impacting users in any way, but in an ethical way, adding value and offering content, products or services that the consumer really needs.

How is it that experts who live from developing  online advertising  and marketing campaigns recommend this to me? Very easy, because we want you to like advertising and be a pleasant experience for you, not a nuisance. If not, we prefer to recommend tools to help you avoid ads, such   as  the 3 most successful adblockers in recent times .

The 3 most successful ad blockers

1)  AdBlock Plus (for Firefox, Chrome and Opera)

This  ad blocker  is compatible with the most common browsers, in addition to having applications that can be integrated with both Android and iOS. AdBlock Plus  is very easy to configure, as it has  pre-designed filters  that allow you to quickly block most ads. You can also filter malware and social media buttons.

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If you are an advanced user, you can  customize  this adblock with your own filters or add a “white list” so that your favorite websites continue to earn ad revenue when you visit them. Another interesting aspect of AdBlock Plus is that it  does not block all ads  by default, but rather allows the browser to continue showing ads that it considers non-intrusive. Of course, if you prefer not to see anything, you can also disable this option in the settings.

2)  AdBlock (for Chrome, Opera and Safari)

Despite its similar name, this  ad blocker  is not related to AdBlock Plus. It is  one of the most downloaded extensions  for Chrome and Safari and is trusted by millions of users around the world. AdBlock  uses a series of lists and filters to automatically block content that comes from ad servers and providers. You can keep the default options, subscribe to other filters, create your own or include websites in the white list to continue seeing advertising on them.

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3)  AdBlocker Ultimate (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)

This  ad blocker  stands out for being compatible with a greater number of browsers at the same time and for the  strictness  of its policies. It has no affiliation with advertising companies or corporate sponsorships, and prides itself on not missing any advertisements at all.

And that’s not all: in addition to intrusive advertising,  AdBlocker Ultimate  also helps you filter malware and adware and avoid tracking your internet activities. It is a good Phone Number List solution if you want to forget about everything and rest easy, but in return it does not offer the flexibility of other blockers to allow certain forms of advertising.

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