That Allows You To Assign

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That Allows You To Assign

Here we come to something interesting.
So the principle here is different. It turns out that it is not here are no warehouse stocks at all. That is, I make a reservation, in this case thble warehouse stock is planneum.
With this planning principle, more accurate sales forecasts that summarize various arrangements with customers and observations of their behavior.

“Push” and “pull” at the same time.

But this, if not “know-how”, then certainly a fairly progressive approach to planning.

This principle can.

Logistics plans stocks, guided by the statistical method, and Salespeople plan sales, thereby adjusting statistical and mathematical planning.

At the same time, the processing of statistics can generally be entrusted to a computer, but sales planning must be entrusted to the salespeople themselves. Indeed, no one Belarus Phone Number to generalize agreements with clients and observations of their behavior, agreements with Clients to hold promotions, the result of which is an increase in sales by stimulating the buyer.

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The technical side of this issue.

About the fact that a computer is able to process statistical data, I said a little higher. Now about salesmen. It turns out that it is managers who must manually plan sales for each of their clients. Why for each of the clients. It is assumed that this is the only way to sufficiently accurate planning. Indeed, it is very difficult to calculate how many hammers per month all stores or all markets, all customers in general, but for each store, seeing the sales statistics for the period, knowing the potential and agreements with the client, can be quite accurate.
In this case, it is not money that needs to be plan. Sirst stage, the computer, taking into account seasonality, trend, errors, using the forecasting smoothing method, makes a sales forecast for the period. Sales managers continue to work with this forecast. How do they work? They are trying to comprehend those predictive data proposed by the computer.
In other words, this planning scheme can be schematically represented.

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