Success and Failure Are Written with Lowercase Letters

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Success and Failure Are Written with Lowercase Letters

The success and failure of acts, processes or states of life are the product of small events that have occurred and accumulated over time. They are not events that occur by chance or suddenly, they are effects and results added over time. This is something poignant: when it comes to evaluating success and failure, there is no such thing as grand or epic, and there is no drama either. They are events that take place in the almost imperceptible minutiae of everyday events, in the anonymity of routines. They can reach the size of the “Chinese wall”, but they are still the aggregate of thousands of small bricks.


On the other hand

Every situation that ends up being lucky or unlucky has a common root. Success and failure are two branches that emerge from the same trunk, they are not events of independent genesis. There is indeed Spain Phone Number List some drama in this, especially if the subject is approached naively. Because the fact that success and failure are small events with a common root implies that they are present at all times and in every act of people. That’s how it is! Human beings risk their destiny minute by minute, every moment of their lives.

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The small acts that lead

These “insignificant” events reach significance due to their aggregation over time. This generates the great effect, the greatest result. When “little bricks” are accumulated, one by one, for a long time, they form a wall that can be seen from the moon. Now, the final form of the events IG Users Phone List depends on the orientation given to the small events. If they accumulate for the worse, they will lead to failure, and if they are for edification, they will lead to success. Something additional must be taken into account in this process: these small events have no perceptible effects at the time they happen, neither positive nor negative. Herein lies the drama.

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