Strategic Communication Speak Low Slowly and Little

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Strategic Communication Speak Low Slowly and Little

For the Yellow Penguin strategic communication that in which what desired emitted and received favorably. There is a difference between this type of communication and others. And precisely the distinction is the one that characterizes the Strategy throughout: obtaining competitive advantages. Knowing how to listen is possibly the best way to establish an advantage in interpersonal and collective communication. But having the ability to properly say what you want is the indispensable complement. With great cacophony and propriety the famous John Wayne said it: “speak low, speak slow and don’t say much” (speak low, speak slowly and don’t say too much).

This Is the Logic of Strategic Communication

For the strategic thinker few things are as important as good communication. She the starting point of that circuit that needs to controlled: act-thought-emotion-action. Words are fundamental South Africa Phone Number List because they are the act that generates the reaction that is sought. If something said can produce chain effects, how much more the whole that forms a message or a conversation. Effectively controlling this is tremendously complex. What is the effective solution then.

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For Strategic Communication

It can be assumed in some cases that a speech with a high volume in the voice can also get the attention of the listener. But there is a substantial difference. The loud voice is uncomfortable, intimidating and can cause annoyance. And if none of this is among the objectives of the strategic IG Users Phone List thinker, then it does not apply to the good. A low voice creates a better atmosphere, promotes comfort and trust. On certain occasions it can even convey a sense of intimacy that decreases noise and resistance. All this is fertile ground for those who want to establish something with clarity and precision.

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