Snack Ads and Bumper Ads: video marketing reduced to 10 seconds

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Snack Ads and Bumper Ads: video marketing reduced to 10 seconds

The  ads and ads snack bumper  are the ultimate expression of the famous saying “good, if brief, twice good.” And it is that reducing your  video ads  to the minimum expression (without losing an iota of their effectiveness) is a trend in  video marketing. For marketers, snack ads and bumper ads are a most interesting challenge and opportunity. Let’s see exactly what they are, how they work and why you should consider including them in  your brand’s  marketing plan.

What are snack ads and bumper ads?

In the world of  online marketing ,  snack ads  are “snack” ads, that is, they last  10 seconds or less . A trend that is in line with maintaining the attention of users in an increasingly saturated advertising market. The  ads or advertisements bumper bumper  are a Peru Phone Number List specific type of snack ads specifically  designed to YouTube within Google Ads platform . In Google’s own words, they are a short video ad format that allows you to reach more customers and increase brand awareness with a short, easy-to-remember message. With these ads, you can reach users with short messages and with minimal impact on their viewing experience.

These are the   most important features you should know about  bumper  ads:

  • They are specially designed to be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Videos must have a maximum duration of  6 seconds  (they can be shorter, although this would be very difficult creatively) and users cannot skip them.
  • The  display ad  does not increase the number of views of the video on YouTube.
  • The payment model is based on  CPM or cost per thousand , that is, the advertiser pays every time the ad is shown a thousand times.
  • Google Ads  recommends using these types of snack ads to improve  brand  awareness and combine them with related TrueView ads, which have a longer duration and allow users to interact with different elements of the video, such as overlapping calls to action, cards or the banners. TrueView and bumper ads must be created in separate Google Ads campaigns.
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Why are you interested in using snack ads and bumper ads in your company?

  • Because the numbers show that they work . According to an article by  Curtis Tredway published on Medium , 89.61% of the audience of a video maintains their full attention during the first 10 seconds, but from there it begins to decline: 80.41% at 20 seconds, 66.16% at 30 seconds, 46.44% at minute and 9.42% at 5 minutes. Therefore, keeping the maximum length of the video to 10 seconds or less allows us to retain almost 9 out of 10 people.

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  • Because the advertising market is increasingly saturated . Users have more and more content demanding their attention and time, so demanding too much of either of these two things does not usually work. Instead, snack ads and bumper ads flash by leaving an easy-to-remember message.
  • Because they reproduce whole . YouTube does not allow users to skip bumper ads, but they also happen so fast that you would hardly have time to press the button in question. Therefore, this format guarantees that the user will consume all the content and that the message will reach them in its entirety.
  • Because they work on mobile . According to YouTube data, half of users between 18 and 49 years old use their mobile as the first device to watch videos. Video advertising has to focus on these types of devices to be effective. Due to their brevity, bumper ads are a very suitable format for this.
  • Because they are direct and attractive . Bumper ads force us to simplify and synthesize, to focus on the key to the message to be transmitted and to make the most of creativity. They make creatives do their best and users have to pay attention to them.
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How to start using snack ads and bumper ads in your business

The  ads snack  and  bumper ads  are a growing trend, but like any other marketing tactic, only make sense if its use meets our  business objectives . Therefore, the first essential step to incorporate them is to think about how they fit into your  marketing  and what exactly you want to achieve with them.

Once you have this very clear, it will be time to sit down with your creative team and create a series of 6-second videos that convey your brand message quickly Phone Number List and effectively. Remember that it is very important that they are seen correctly on small screens, and ideally they should be understood without resorting to audio. Upload your new ads to  YouTube.

And now, follow these   detailed instructions from Google Ads  to get your campaign up and running:

  • Log in to your Google Ads account, go to the page menu and click Campaigns. Then click the blue plus button and select New Campaign.
  • Select the following settings:
    • Campaign type: Video
    • Objectives: Coverage and brand awareness (or create the campaign without objectives).
    • Campaign subtype: Standard awareness campaigns – Increase reach and get more impressions and views.
  • Give the campaign a name.
  • Set budget, target geographic locations and networks, customer language, and advanced settings.
  • In bid strategy, assign the maximum CPM value. After creating the ad group and naming it, you can define the maximum cost per thousand impressions.
  • Go to Create your video ad, enter the ad URL and follow the steps provided. For Video ad format, choose Bumper ad.
  • Configure the URL options, including the final and display URLs, and choose if you want to automatically generate the video or if you prefer to upload an image.
  • Enter the name of the ad and click Save and continue. Clever!
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