Set Up an Adequate Space to Teach Classes

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Set Up an Adequate Space to Teach Classes

Choose and properly organize the space in which you will teach the online classes. Therefore, Look for good lighting -you can stand on your side or in front of a window- and prioritize a neutral and orderly background. You can just have a wall behind you, a library, or some understated decorations. Avoid the saturation of visible elements or messy spaces. Do a quality check: make sure the webcam, microphone and computer are working without problems. Avoid wasting time fixing a glitch during class. And ready! Following these previous considerations, you will be ready to start teaching through the web. Remember to publicize your service on social networks, groups or through paid advertising . Make sure they know about you to recruit your first real and potential students.

Metanoia of Corporate

The current of Neuro-Ecological-Emotional Management of the present century breaks the traditional paradigm . Organizational development emphasized The functional dimension. At that moment allowed problems to Dominican Republic Phone Number List discovered analytically and corrected by applying techniques, procedures and methods without taking into consideration the human factor that developed them. The metempsychosis of the organization of great global progression demands that the strategic allies respond in a way with their performance and their well-being in order not only to satisfy the requirements but also to exceed corporate expectations. Evolutionary Process of Thought and Administrative Practices.

Dominican-Republic Phone Number List

Today Leaders with Large Followers Lose Value

Since they continue to guide people to daily tasks without any personal self-awareness, as a reference to show that the problem is not in the leadership; judas had the best teacher, the best leader, the best friend, the best shepherd, the wisest, however he failed, which places us at a point of reflecting on the importance of changing the attitude and constituting a transforming character, if not done that way we will always be the same person. In that order IG Users Phone List of ideas, configuring the character of the leader in the “legitimate self”, that is, not having the reactive attitude that is only mobilized with external stimuli, but being committed to a personal brand where the ability to adapt to change, to the diverse contingencies and the invariable self-development competence become the attribute of self-leadership, that commitment to self-development is the personal, professional, family and organizational plane that transports you to respond with sincerity, comprehensiveness, honesty and exemplary character. I observed that we are not mentioning the cognitive or technical aspects, but rather the indissoluble human actions that are perfectly related to emotions and passions: the aforementioned emotional competencies.

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