Search engine optimization: how to improve it with the internal linking strategy

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Search engine optimization: how to improve it with the internal linking strategy

As all marketers know,  search engine optimization  is one of the main pillars of online strategies. From the selection of the best keywords to the optimization of the alternative text of the images,  SEO positioning  is made up of a myriad of factors that we can optimize so that our page goes up in search engines.

But within all these factors, sometimes we forget some details that can be crucial for search engine optimization. For example, it is very common to pay attention to Buy Uganda Consumer People Phone List external links and have a link building strategy  , but have you considered the  internal linking  of your web page? If the answer is “no”, it’s time to fix it and improve your SEO with very little effort!

The importance of internal linking for search engine positioning

The  internal linking , ie  links leading to a page to another within your own website , is a much more important factor than you think. For Google, internal links show the relationships between content and transfer value and importance from one page to another.

Internal links define the  structure  of your website. They help users to go from one site to another and the search engines to understand how content is organized. A well-developed internal linking strategy makes it easier for your pages to be indexed and positioned in search engines, and it also increases visitor click and conversion rates. And luckily, it is a factor that is completely under your control.

Before we get to work, let’s see some of the  basic principles  of internal links in search engine optimization:

  • The more links a page has, the more value Google will give it . In the same way that external links indicate the overall value of a website compared to other competing sites, internal links help Google decide how important a page is in relation to the rest of the pages on your site.
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  • Internal links are so important that Google no longer applies limits to the total number of links on a page . The first Google algorithms penalized pages with more than 100 links, considering that it was a spam strategy. However, this penalty has been eliminated for years, so you can include all the links that are necessary as long as they add value to the user.
  • Internal links can make some  pages of little value  for conversions (such as the home page or the information about the company) to fit in the first places .
  • The  links from new content  pass new value to the Phone Number List pages that link and serve to notify Google that there is new information on the page. Therefore, including links in new content can help index it more quickly and thus improve your  search engine rankings

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