Save and Put Capitalism at Your Feet Not on Your Shoulders

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Save and Put Capitalism at Your Feet Not on Your Shoulders

The capitalist system that runs free market economies is like a kitchen knife. If handled well it is a very useful tool, but otherwise it is dangerous. Well, if you want capitalism to be a system that benefits you, save . This is the mechanism that leads to prosperity in free economies. It is a statistical fact: the majority do not manage to benefit from the capitalist system, rather they succumb to it. He grabs the knife by the blade and hurts himself. These lines do not have the objective of questioning the system, rather the way in which individuals behave in it. All systems have their peculiarities. And among them, capitalism is possibly one of the best for the management of wealth and the development of peoples. But it ends up being implacable for those who do not know how to drive on its roads.

Save and Become an Intelligent Consumer

To a large extent, capitalism is a huge factory of consumerism and consumers. Its objective is to try to ensure that all individuals consume the greatest amount of goods and services. That is the lubricant of the system. That and no other is the factor that stimulates the markets Henan Mobile Phone Number List and allows the return on capital. Such logic does not merit a light judgment, positive or negative. It’s just like that. It has the same character as a kitchen knife. It is neither good nor bad in itself, its functionality can only be evaluated according to its use.

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Escape from the Oppressive Circuit of Debts

Debt is a great invention of humanity, but it is fundamentally so when it is used to build ASSETS. When it is associated with wealth formation or current consumption, it is a real calamity. When you go into debt to build Assets , these are the ones that eventually pay the obligations and IG Users Phone List generate a virtuous circuit. But when you do it to buy a car, a house, pay for a trip or finance leisure, the debt directly attacks your pocket and generates dependency. The system feeds on indebted people, because in this way the circulating money is multiplied. Thus, more can be produced and better returns on capital can be obtained.

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