Quora Ads allows you to use CPM bidding to buy ads

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Quora Ads allows you to use CPM bidding to buy ads

Since its launch in May 2017,  Quora Ads  has continued to incorporate new features to become an increasingly interesting option for marketers. Its latest innovation is cost-per-thousand-based bids (CPM bidding), an ideal option for advertisers looking to do advertising campaigns   based on notoriety and reach.

How to start a campaign on Quora Ads

First of all, to start an ad campaign on Quora Ads, just follow these 3 simple points:

  1. Create an account. You need a Quora account to be able to access the Quora Ads Manager features and start running your ads. If you don’t have it yet, you can  create it from here .
  2. Create your ad and select the audience.  The advertising platform offers several ad formats and different ways of segmenting audiences, in order to create ads with a high engagement power and that are shown to the desired target.
  3. Choose the budget and start the campaign . Quora Ads offers different types of bids to optimize and monitor the performance of your campaigns, while constantly controlling spending.

The targeting options in Quora Ads

Quora is a platform based on  questions and Buy Tunisia Consumer People Phone List answers  on all kinds of topics, so it is very likely that you will find content and users relevant to your brand. It has a base of 300 million active users per month, very close to the figures of Twitter and above those of Pinterest. All of this makes  Quora Ads  a very interesting platform for marketers looking to  diversify their social ad strategy.

After incorporating  CPM bidding  into its advertising offer,  Quora Ads  has three different targeting options depending on the advertiser’s objectives:

  • CPM (cost per thousand) . The advertiser pays by the number of ad impressions, setting the maximum amount they are willing to pay per 1000 impressions on Quora. Quora Ads recommends this option for branding-based campaigns, for example launching new products, services, or events.
  • CPC (cost per click) . This option follows the classic model of online advertising, in which the advertiser only pays when users click on their ad. This makes it easier to tie costs to ad performance and justify ROI.
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  • CPA (cost per acquisition) . The most sophisticated option, in which the system optimizes ad management to achieve the highest possible number of conversions. Although it requires the advertiser to set a maximum cost per acquisition, the payment is calculated per thousand impressions. For this option to work properly, the Quora pixel needs to be installed on the advertiser’s website.

More Quora Ads news and features

Although it has entered the market for social media ads rather late, Quora Ads has wasted no time when it comes to incorporating  functionality  into its platform. These are some of the most outstanding of the last year:

  • Image ads  for mobiles and computers . To use them, advertisers have to upload a company logo (30 x 30 pixels) and an image in a rectangular format (the recommended size is 1200 x 628 pixels). As with Facebook, the amount of text in images is limited (in this case, 20%).
  • A segmentation system   based on machine learning to show the ads to the users most likely to carry out the desired action (Broad Targeting).
  • Quora Ads QuickStart Program , a support program Phone Number List for advertisers investing at least $ 100 a day that includes 45 days of personalized support, calls, specialized training and learning materials, and help creating campaigns.

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