Plan for your Mobile Marketing Christmas Campaigns

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Plan for your Mobile Marketing Christmas Campaigns

If you plan ahead, the Christmas parties can be a huge boost to your business. In this day and age, most companies compete for consumers’ attention, so you will need to create a unique communication with your  mobile marketing. Among so many purchases and plans, it is easy for your brand to get lost. To prevent your customers from forgetting you, you need to design and implement marketing strategies that ensure that you remain a priority for them. Therefore, today I am going to tell you  how and why to optimize your marketing strategy this Christmas.

Why invest in mobile marketing this Christmas?

It is no secret that mobile is one of the stars of the moment. And without a doubt, the figures confirm that mobile marketing is a more than viable strategy to give your brand the boost it needs to succeed this Christmas:

  • Today,  users connect more from their mobiles than from computers . According to Google, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time, and today this trend is more than consolidated. In the United States, 75.1% of Internet users connect through their mobile devices.
  • Another advantage of mobile marketing is that it offers  facilities for conversion . And it is that through the smartphone we can reach users in real Uganda Phone Number List time, outside their homes, when they are more predisposed to buy. According to a Google study, 50% of users who did a local search on their mobile phones took an action afterwards (for example, going to a store). In the case of users who searched through their desktop computers, only 34% carried out any action.
  • Most consumers  search for Christmas events and gift ideas  on their mobile phones, making mobile marketing a very attractive channel for your Christmas campaigns. This option is especially interesting for small and local businesses, since users are interested in knowing where they can buy products and hire services near them.
  • According to the   Deloitte Christmas Consumption Study , Spaniards plan to spend 682 euros on average in these holidays, which makes them one of the best occasions to do marketing. The online channel is going to assume more than a quarter of the total budget, but Spaniards still prefer to make their purchases in physical stores.
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How to optimize or implement your mobile marketing for this Christmas

Create a responsive website

Is your website not mobile friendly yet? And what are you waiting for? Having a fully responsive website should be the first step in your mobile marketing strategy, so that your visitors can have a good user experience from any device. In addition to having a well-adapted design, you must also take load times into account: according to studies, users tend to abandon web pages that take more than 4 seconds to load on their mobiles.

Launch a mobile ad

With services like Google AdWords, you can create ads that can only be viewed from mobile devices, so that you can fully exploit their potential “in real time”. These types of ads are especially useful for local and context-dependent searches. Getting a fully optimized campaign can be difficult if you start from scratch, so if you have questions, be sure to consult an SEM expert to help you get the most out of mobile advertising.

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Take advantage of SMS marketing

If you think that SMS is a thing of the past … you are wrong! Studies seem to indicate that smartphone users read promotional SMS more frequently than emails. Mobile marketing campaigns through SMS can be one of the best ways to get results quickly, especially if you combine them with discount coupons that direct users to your website.

Create a mobile app just for the holidays

A high-level strategy to capture the full attention of your potential clients at a key moment. To be successful, your app must be fresh and give access to your special Christmas offers. Thanks to it, you will be able to get data such as mobile phones or the location of users. In return, you will have to give them information about their environment that is useful to them.

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Plan ahead

Typically, people start planning their Christmas shopping months in advance, even if they just jot down ideas. And if your clients do, there’s no excuse for you to do your homework too. In general, it is recommended that Christmas marketing plans are ready by September at the latest.

Take advantage of events and trends

Christmas is full of opportunities to launch mobile marketing campaigns, don’t miss them! For example, you can prepare for Black Friday by making it easy for users Phone Number List to access your offers on the key day. In this case, Google AdWords mobile ads can be especially helpful to you. The same happens with the designated dates, April Fools’ Day or the Christmas lottery draw.

And remember: when it comes to mobile marketing,  integration is essential.  When making your plans, think about creating synergies between different  mobile marketing strategies  and between mobile and other channels. For example, if the link in your SMS links to a page that is not mobile friendly, you will not get conversions. In short, good coordination is essential when implementing your mobile marketing this Christmas. Lucky!

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