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OKR Methodology What is it and how to apply it Template and Tutorial

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OKR Methodology What is it and how to apply it Template and Tutorial

Following up on the actions proposed to meet the established objectives is a very big challenge for any company, and certainly, staying focused on meeting the annual objectives is a difficult task. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the OKR methodology and how it can help your company to propose digital marketing strategies , monitor them, measure their effectiveness using KPIs, and optimize them, in order to meet your business objectives.

What is the OKR methodology?

First of all, the acronym for OKR translates as:

  • Objectives
  • Key
  • Results

It is a methodology that is applied to align the entire team at the organizational level and centralize the focus, so that everyone can work synergistically towards Malta Phone Number List common goals. The OKR system is accredited by several of the largest companies in the world, including Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Accenture, Netflix, among others.

How to implement the OKR methodology

In order to implement the OKR methodology , it is essential to understand how it works and is structured, in order to apply it and get the most out of it. Here are the steps:

Dany explains what the OKR methodology is and how to implement it step by step.

1. Global Annual Objective

The first step is to define an overall annual goal. For this, you must ask yourself where you want to be next year, that is, what do you consider essential to achieve so that your company goes on the right path and continues to grow or be successful. Do not forget that an objective responds to where you want to go or what you want to achieve, and must be derived from the vision and mission of the company.

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2. Objectives

Once you’ve set the global annual goal , you must define quarterly goals that are vital to getting you to meet this global annual goal. There should be a maximum of three or four goals per quarter and they should not contain metrics, they should be more of an inspirational type.

Remember that setting objectives is not easy, since frequently when we consider things to improve, we find multiple goals that are often not even related to each other. My recommendation is that you brainstorm with your team, and that from the objectives that come out, a prioritization method is applied to choose the most important ones. To prioritize, I recommend that you use the stacked ranking techniques , or the I CE scoring system .

This is how your quarterly goals would be defined in the OKR template.

3. Key Results

The third step is to define the key results. These should indicate if you are going in the right direction towards your goals. Remember that a key result must be ambitious, as it will measure your success; therefore, they must contain metrics based on KPIs.

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4. Key actions

As a last step, you will need to assign three key actions for each key result. The key actions respond to what actions will lead you to achieve these results and therefore also to your objective?

The OKR methodology put into practice: Example

Global Annual Objective:  Increase visibility and improve brand positioning.

Objective 1 – Improve SEO

  • Key result  – Organic web traffic above 50,000 visits per month.
    • Key actions  – Position 3 articles by keywords that generate a high number of searches.
  • Key Result  – Increase loading speed from 7 seconds to 4 seconds.
    • Key Actions  – Compress the size of all images embedded in the blog.
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You can monitor your quarterly goals Phone Number List weekly by filling in the template. Remember that each excel sheet monitors a different objective.

Objective 2 – Improve presence and engagement in Social Networks

  • Key result  – Reach 5,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel.
    • Key actions  – Periodically launch a newsletter to the BD with the new content of the channel.
    • Key actions: Produce and share videos with more practical and less theoretical content.
  • Key result  – Increase engagement on our Facebook page by 10% per month.
    • Key actions  – Share more content.
    • Key actions  – Vary content formats.

Advantages of the OKR methodology

The implementation of this methodology brings multiple benefits, among them:

  • It reduces the risk of having a crisis.
  • Facilitates teamwork.
  • Focus on what really matters.
  • Achieve the objectives.

I hope this article helps you track your goals. Remember that you can download the pack that includes the OKR template and its respective tutorial so that you can fill it out correctly by clicking on this link.

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