Of Pessimistic USA Phone Number

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Of Pessimistic USA Phone Number

Temporary measures strongly demand by the population were taken. Such as the free import of food and medicine. The distribution of a supply book to USA Phone Number those in need. Through which the government distributes the basic quota for food and hygiene: more than 200,0005. But it is clear that these. The measures are not the result of the protests. While people continue to be asked to trust there are USA Phone Number mistakes unforeseen changes in opinion. Unstable political decision-making. Delayed legal frameworks, arbitrary use of the law for political gain. Bureaucracy silence lack of public transparency lack of oversight. Popular control, etc. Today, the environment has changed. The historical leaders are no longer there. The legitimacy of current political actors is thus question. In every USA Phone Number decision and they must be creative and competent.

Believing Whatever Occurs USA Phone Number

The unjust and brutal conditions affecting the Cuban government and people, but this does not USA Phone Number depend on internal transformation and cannot justify the stagnation of the country’s development. Ignoring the reason and the legitimacy of protests is a right, justifying violence, hiding information about criminal proceedings and detainees, and criminalizing all involved, creating a parallel laboratory USA Phone Number that only happens in political bubbles function in. Politics needs to be more transparent and open, expressing its contradictions into reality so that it can be represent and resolved. The false USA Phone Number that sweeps trash under the rug hinders the functioning and utility of society. An invisible policy poisons their opportunities for change and transformation; it will render it ineffective in the face of events like July 11 and beyond.

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USA Phone Number

The Result Of Outside USA Phone Number

The power of order, there are no limits Indeed, in other parts of Latin America, the United States and even in Europe, police brutality against street USA Phone Number is greater than in Cuba. But this also does not justify the excesses of the forces of order. There were no reports of tear gas or other methods of riot control. But people were injure and shot. The streets were  with police, military, special forces USA Phone Number a large number of plainclothes police, some of them armed. In addition, they took away military service youths in USA Phone Number clothes and clubs who could not refuse to obey orders. In general, they came out with a desire and intent to attack, and they acted with anger and revenge. They feel empowered to suppress and express their power – and not always defend themselves.

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