Mobbing Workplace Harassment

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Mobbing Workplace Harassment

It is a type of workplace violence, exercised by people without distinction of gender, systematically and for a long time with the aim of deliberately causing harm. Workplace harassment at work is both the action of a harasser or several harassers leading to fear, terror, contempt or discouragement in the affected worker towards his work. The labor stockholm syndrome: empathy with the operator this syndrome arises when the employee clings to staying in a job where the environment is hostile. Unlike the classic syndrome, here the victim not forced to be somewhere, but does so of her own free will. The boss is hostile they justify it and follow it with the false testimony of being convinced and saying to themselves “it makes me grow professionally” .

Peter Pan Syndrome

It’s more. You can earn a lot of money without investing any money! This claim is not cheap advertising. It is one of the greatest truths that exists in the universe. Money does not in any way Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List qualify an investor , his actions are what do. Invest is a verb, not a state. Although it’s a trite statement, it’s worth remembering: financial fortune is a result, not a goal. Silver is harvested an effect of doing something. There is no such thing as the act of “making money.”

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Investor Is Not Someone Who Has Money

Does it seem counter-intuitive? Well, it’s not, not at all! Investments always made in the process, not in the result. The athlete invests nothing once he has won the competition, in reality he commits all efforts and resources to win the competition. The seed precedes the tree, although IG Users Phone List later the tree itself produces more seeds. The logic of investing is rooted in an act that has allowed the entire development of humanity: sacrifice . The basic definition of this is: ” effort, pain, action or work that someone imposes on himself to achieve or deserve something or to benefit someone .” “deserving” is always a consequence of work.

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