Marketing at Christmas: 40 tips and advice for your campaigns

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Marketing at Christmas: 40 tips and advice for your campaigns

Merry Christmas Eve! We hope your   Christmas  marketing campaigns  this year are going great. Maybe you still have time to change some details for Reyes, or you just want to know how to keep improving year after year. In any case, you’re sure to learn useful things from these 40 Christmas Marketing Tips, so don’t miss out!

Christmas marketing tips: preparation

1) Starts in July. ¿ Do you start preparing marketing Christmas in July ?? Yes, as you hear, we have not gone crazy (and other experts agree with us). Since  advertising is  much more expensive at Christmas, it makes sense to start attracting users to the early stages  of the conversion funnel  months in advance.

2) Launch brand awareness campaigns in September and October.  In this way, you will have an audience of users to  retarget  when Christmas approaches.

3) Include Christmas campaigns in your   annual digital marketing plan .  This will ensure that when the dates approach you have the budget and the necessary resources to prepare everything.

4) Don’t forget the inventory. With the increase in Qatar Phone Number List demand for Christmas, it is necessary to reinforce the advance stock to ensure that the products are available and not waste the resources invested in the campaigns.

5) Do SEO focused on Christmas marketing.  Keep in mind that according to Google data, users start looking for Christmas gift ideas in August. And also, you will need a lot of time to be able to position organically.

6) Create community around your brand throughout the year.  Having an active user base interested in your brand (for example, through a Facebook group  , an app community or other channels) will give you a fantastic platform to spread your Christmas marketing campaigns.

7) Prepare a schedule of activities.  In order to launch a successful campaign, many different pieces have to fit together, from creativity to technical aspects. Preparing a timeline in advance will help you get everything ready on D-day.

8) Strengthen the processing and customer service staff.  Christmas is accompanied by higher order volumes and more customer service requests, so be prepared.

9)  Develop landing pages for specific products and promotions .  Landing pages are another aspect in which you are interested in “doing your homework” in advance, especially if you are going to try to position them through SEO.

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10) Keep calm!  For marketers, the weeks leading up to Christmas are often a totally hectic time. But if you have managed to prepare in time, you will see how you handle it much better.

Marketing tips at Christmas: discounts and promotions

11) Send advances of your discounts. For example, you can send a Black Friday teaser to your database   on Monday of that same week to build excitement.

12) Be more promotional than on other dates.  Make  marketing at Christmas  has a great advantage, and you know that users are ready to buy. Take advantage of it through more direct campaigns.

13) Launch offers with exclusive products. There are many types of companies that can put out “Christmas special” product lines, so think about how they might fit your brand.

14) Create special gift cards. For example, you can create a 75 euro gift card that can be exchanged for 100 euro on certain types of products, or only during certain key dates.

15) Take care of the shipping and returns policy. Although users are increasingly used to buying online, shipments and returns are still pain points to improve. Make sure to always make your shipping deadlines and refund policy very clear, and think about whether you can improve your conditions during the holiday shopping period (for example, with free shipping).

Marketing tips at Christmas: communication and creativity

16) Decorate your website . A very simple trick, but one that can reinforce branding and the brand experience of customers: add a few touches to your website to breathe the holiday spirit.

17) Sell a lifestyle, not just a product . Every year, thousands of brands compete for the attention of consumers during the holidays. If you want to differentiate yourself, focus your communication on the lifestyle of your brand and not just on the products.

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18) Be original. Users are saturated with advertising, so generic Christmas marketing campaigns no longer convince them. Think about how you can give your message an extra twist to stand out.

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19) Take advantage of the Christmas spirit.  The Christmas season is very suitable for emphasizing corporate social responsibility and charitable causes. Show customers what really matters to you and show them that you don’t just care about sales.

20) Surprise your customers.  We all expect to receive messages from companies on the same key days, so the impact is less and competition grows. Instead, surprise users with a message at a time when they are not expecting it.

21) Segment the messages.  Christmas is no excuse to send the same email to your entire database.

22) Tell a story.  If you just talk about offers, discounts and promotions, users will not remember you. Tell them your brand story and connect with them on a more emotional level.

23) Create a sense of urgency.  A classic marketing trick that works very well for the designated dates, for example, including countdown markers in your emails and other communications.

Christmas marketing tips: channel strategy

24) Coordinate your campaign in different media.  All channels should show a single presentation of the same campaign, or focus on unique opportunities within a larger campaign.

25) Align campaigns and strategies.  Remember that all your channels must act in a coordinated manner to meet  the  overall marketing objectives of the company.

26) Think cross-channel.  Today, users use multiple devices and receive multiple impacts throughout their customer journey. Therefore, you have to seek a broad vision and take into account the interactions between channels.

27) Create   specific Google Ads for Christmas.  Although they have a high level of competition, campaigns focused on keywords such as “gifts for athletes” can be very effective.

28) Use  Instagram . Instagram is the fastest growing social network in recent years and it also has a social ads platform integrated with Facebook, so Christmas can be a good time to reinforce your presence here.

29) Look for channels that your competition is ignoring.  Pinterest, Quora, YouTube … are sites that have millions of users, but most brands ignore. Take advantage of them to launch your Christmas campaigns in a less saturated environment.

30) Get started with Amazon Ads.  The Amazon advertising platform does not stop implementing new features and is a very interesting niche for marketers.

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31) Squeeze your  email marketing . If you’ve spent the Phone Number List whole year expanding your database, Christmas is the time to take advantage of it! Of course, keep in mind that on these dates the inboxes are full of promotional emails, so you will have to be creative with the subjects.

32) Run retargeting campaigns  . Another great way to take advantage of the user information you’ve collected throughout the year.

Christmas marketing tips: optimization

33) Find out what you want your customers to do. The sense of  marketing at Christmas  (and at any other time) is to get users to perform a certain action at the lowest possible cost.

34) Take ad hoc test. The conclusions of the  A / B tests  at Christmas do not have to apply to other times of the year, and vice versa. For this reason, it is better to carry out microtests from the beginning of the campaign and implement the results in real time.

35) Focus on what you do best.  Although it is always interesting to experiment with new options, Christmas is a time when you risk a good part of the brand results, so it is always a good idea to focus your budget on options with guaranteed results.

36) Pay extra attention to mobile channels.  Or better yet, think mobile first and then adapt to desktop.

37) Don’t forget loyalty.  The icing on the Christmas marketing cake is getting users to stay with you, so look for strategies to retain them for next year.

38) Experiment with your pricing strategy.  At Christmas customers are actively looking to buy, so you can risk more.

39) Don’t lose sight of global goals. It’s easy to get swept up in the maelstrom and think only in the short term, but in the end December is just one more month. Think about how to fit your Christmas campaigns into the general strategies.

40) Follow the results in real time.  Set goals for days or weeks and a contingency plan if the results are not as expected.

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