Lone Swimmer Paradox a Lesson in Leadership

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Lone Swimmer Paradox a Lesson in Leadership

It is incredible the number of analogies that we can apply when analyzing the personality and leadership styles relevant to each area of ​​our company or enterprise, the paradox of the lone swimmer thus becomes one of these appropriate ways of representing information and providing a lesson on leadership that can be very useful for our work environment. Leadership The role of leader It is no secret that the leader plays a key role in our work environments and even in society in general, these individuals who stand out from the rest for their ability to integrate and be “the beacon that guides all boats” has become the subject of hundreds of articles and books.

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Although some still have the perception of the figure of leader as an individual who gives orders and who stands above all others based on authority and mandate, today it has been possible to measure the true meaning of the leader in the teams of work and their indispensable contribution Vietnam Phone Number List to the achievement of objectives in our organization. Regardless of the size of our enterprise, whether it is still a small entrepreneurial spark or a company with thousands of employees, choosing good leaders is an arduous task, which requires analysis that may require the implementation of psychological knowledge as well as purely business techniques.

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However, given the results that the correct selection of good leadership can generate, it is worth giving space and due importance to this election process. Personality, key element one of the main aspects to take into account when choosing a leader is his personality structure, as well as his style of thinking, it is clear that the team that he has to support will greatly permeate the type of individual that is going to be chosen. Need, however, there IG Users Phone List are some elements that are essential in any type of leadership. We must stand out among them; respect, emotional understanding, transparency, responsibility, the ability to motivate the group, assertive dialogue, listening and sufficient ability to integrate your team around your goals and not around your figure as a leader.

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