Learn what emotional intelligence is and see tips

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Learn what emotional intelligence is and see tips

We often hear that emotional intelligence is an important skill. Especially in today’s world of work. But do you really know what that means? And is it possible to develop this ability. Or are we born with it?

In this article. We will talk about what Finland Phone Number  emotional intelligence is. What its pillars and benefits are. We also bring you some tips to improve yours. Check out!

What is emotional intelligence?
Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage emotions. Both your own and those around you. Those with a high degree of emotional intelligence can easily understand what they are feeling. The meaning of their own feelings and how they can affect others.

The topic was studied by several psychologists

Throughout the 20th century. Among the main ones are the north americans peter salovey and john mayer. Who defined emotional intelligence as “the ability to perceive and express emotion. Assimilate it to thought. Understand and reason with it. And know how to regulate it in oneself and in others”.

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The subject left the academy and became known to the general public in the 1990s. Thanks to the best seller “emotional intelligence”. By writer daniel goleman. Also from the united states.

In the book. He defines emotional intelligence as “the ability to identify our own feelings and those of others. To motivate ourselves and to manage emotions well within ourselves and in our relationships”. He also says that skill is as important as iq for success and argues that it can be developed. Emotional intelligence

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what are the pillars of emotional intelligence?

Several scholars of emotional intelligence have listed the skills that constitute it. It is worth mentioning that they do not always agree with each other. In the text. We will mention the attributes cited by daniel goleman. As he is the best known author among those who speak on the subject.

For him. Emotional intelligence is made up of five skills. The first three are intrapersonal. Important for self-knowledge. And the last two are interpersonal. That is. They involve more people. Being of great value to professionals in leadership positions.

Self-awareness: is the ability to know your own emotions when they happen.
Self-regulation: consists of controlling feelings. Similarly, Adapting to changes that occur in everyday life.
Self- motivation: is the ability to direct emotions to achieve goals.
Empathy: people who can put themselves in the shoes of others. Similarly, Seeing situations from other perspectives. Have empathy.

Social skills: consists of knowing how to manage emotions to get along with others.
In the book. Daniel goleman also identifies emotional competencies that must be developed to achieve each of these pillars. For the author. Similarly, These are skills that can be improved.

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