Job Offer Senior Communications Advisor

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Job Offer Senior Communications Advisor

Company description

GGDrU has been in the picture since. The regular organization consists of 750 employees, a large part of whom still work from home. In addition to the regular organization, we have the Corona company. At the moment, about 800 employees work there every day to fight the corona virus.

GGDrU works on behalf of municipalities to promote and protect public healthcare. So what do you need to think about specifically? Subjects such as youth health care, environmental medical science, forensic tasks, supervision of Social Support Act, day care centers and tattoo parlors. And the detection, control and prevention of infectious diseases. GGDrU is an organization with great ambitions.

In Addition To The Regular Organization,

Together with another senior communication advisor, you and the communication team ensure that GGD region Utrecht remains on the map. In this position the emphasis is on the analytical, strategic and tactical aspects of the communication profession. You develop and advise on the Argentina Phone Numbers implementation of administratively complex internal and external communication. This often involves subjects with a high risk of harm or complex collaboration with internal and external parties. Executive components are also part of your responsibilities. Think of writing internal and external messages from management or DT. Or an interview with a manager or board member. The topics you deal with on a daily basis can be corona related, but also in the field of medical environmental science, STDs, youth health care, etc.

Argentina Phone Numbers

We Have The Corona Company

You are responsible for developing an organization-wide communication policy, in which our core values ​​are clearly expressed. For the implementation of communication plans, you work together with your colleagues from the communication team. You ensure that the communication strategy is established on the basis of target group and stakeholder research, web and social analyses. With these insights you provide a solid foundation for your communication advice.

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