Instagram does not want to lose its influencers: Launches new monetization tools

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Instagram does not want to lose its influencers: Launches new monetization tools

While Instagram is one of the vital pieces for influencers, it is also true that this Facebook platform would not be a profitable business without the presence of content creators. For the social network of images and filters, these players represent an especially juicy business, which in the face of the growth of other spaces such as TikTok could move from a showcase in the medium term.

A rival in influencer marketing
In principle, it is fair to recognize the business behind influencer marketing strategies. From Socialbakers they indicate that influencer marketing stagnated since March, but YoY still grew. Recent studies indicate that the influencer marketing industry will be worth $ 10 billion by 2020, thanks to the fact that 43 percent of marketing teams experiment with influencer marketing Estonia Mobile Database actions to define the real value it brings to their brand . In the midst of a context in which BTL activities, point-of-sale promotions and spectacular ones, among others, lose ground to the isolation measures imposed by health authorities in different markets around the world, these advantages seem to gain weight. the eyes of the marks.

Faced with the pandemic, brands see influencer marketing actions as an important lifeline that allows them to maintain contact with their audiences even when the norm indicates keeping their distance. This is revealed by a recent survey signed by BrandMe , which indicates that 87 percent of brands are betting on influencer marketing to deal with the coronavirus. Given these figures, the role that TikTok is playing within influencer marketing is striking, where it has managed to bring down Facebook and its next victim may be Instagram.

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Estonia Mobile Database

At least that is what the recent study Influencer Marketing Hub shows, which indicates that despite the fact that Instagram remains the most used social network for influencer marketing campaigns, it has begun to lose ground to TikTok. Over the past year, 80 percent of influencer marketing strategies lived on Instagram, however this number has now dropped to 68 percent. In second position, TikTok is located and although the social network does not have data for 2020, it arrives with special force for 2021. This causes Facebook to fall to third position with a game in its numbers that went from 45 percent to 43 percent .

New monetization features
With these prelude figures and a proposal that could be the new great bet of influencers, Instagram does not want to lose ground and with this in mind it has launched a new series of monetization tools that seek to improve the experience of content creators. Within the framework of Creators Week, a week dedicated to the professional development of aspiring and emerging creators Brother Cell Phone List on Instagram and Facebook, held in the United States, these new features were announced by Mark Zuckerberg, who said “I think a good vision of the future has to involve many more people who can earn a living expressing their creativity and doing the things they want to do, rather than the things they have to do; and having the support of tools and the economy that surrounds them to support their work is fundamental “, while adding” our goal is to be the best platform for creators like you to earn a living. If you have an idea that you want to share with the world, it deserves to be able to develop and spread it easily and simply, on Facebook and Instagram,

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With this in mind, the improvements presented can be divided into two large groups:


Direct sells

From Instagram they have indicated that from now on the creators of content or influencers will be able to sell their own products by linking their personal profile to an online store. Previously this option was only available for business profiles. In this way, influencers can choose to link an existing store or create a new one from their personal profile, with which they can sell their products directly to their followers. Among the new features, it was announced that it will allow to monetize the Badges in Live. Creators will be eligible to receive additional payment for completing some “missions” when they use these badges in their live streams from Instagram. This feature will also come to Facebook for users using the stars feature.

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