I started taking care of cars and now I own the business

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I started taking care of cars and now I own the business

Since I felt very lonely and bored staying at home. My sister asked me if I wanted to come to work taking care of cars and cleaning at Los Tejaditos . One of the most prestigious and traditional restaurants in Bucaramanga . I accepted because two of my brothers already worked there, so I felt accompanied. I would like to say that I from Barrancabermeja came from. A complicated situation, because my mother was in charge of. Me and my 7 brothers. And if she had food for 2 times a day, she didn’t have it for 3. Also, I hadn’t finished my studies and at that time there was a lot of violence in the city. I started working wearing the uniform I wore for my first communion. A uniform that was given  me the company Ecopetrol .

Story of an entrepreneur

My mother always taught me to be grateful . I felt happy to be working in such a prestigious restaurant. Which for me was like the university of life. Because I saw that there I would have the opportunity to prepare. Myself for a better future. I had my three meals and at the same time I was allowed to live in the restaurant as if I were at UK Phone Number List home and I was assigned a very comfortable room. In addition, I received tips for my work. Mrs Oliva , owner of the restaurant, showed me around the parking lot. Gave me the support I needed at the time. And made me feel at home. She was like my second mother to me. Since I started taking care of the cars, I felt very proud to do what I did, to serve the people who came to eat at the restaurant. For me, taking care of the cars was not just watching a car and that’s it, but it was giving the best impression to customers, interacting with them, being attentive to their needs and suggestions. When the clients left, he asked them how their experience was, what suggestions they had to improve the service, the meal times, if they felt comfortable in the facilities and in general everything related to the restaurant service.

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UK Phone Number List

I envisioned things to improve

The restaurant, such as having a waiting room, air conditioning, having a better battery of bathrooms, a larger kitchen to improve preparation times, having a more personalized service to listen to the needs of each client. and thus be able to implement IG Users Phone List corrective measures on time. Since I only had up to fifth grade, Mrs. Oliva gave me the opportunity to continue my secondary studies and finish my baccalaureate. In addition, I was able to take some courses at SENA on Customer Service. Being there at SENA , in one of the classes they brought each one of us to the front so that we could express what our most important dream was; At that time I said that my big dream was to one day be the manager of Los Tejaditos restaurant to be able to materialize all my ideas.

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