How to measure the success of a post

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How to measure the success of a post

Blogs are a fundamental part of a content strategy. For this reason, measuring the success of a post published in it is essential to know if the path we are traveling towards our objectives is the correct one.And, as always, when we want to know if something works or not in digital marketing, our best ally is web analytics .In this post we are going to see what we must take into account to know if our content on the blog is liking our target. Shall we start?Let’s briefly recall what KPIs (key performance indicator) are because, without them, we cannot draw conclusions from our measurement.A KPI is a specific value that indicates whether the actions we develop meet the objectives set .One of the maxims that we use in digital marketing (and that you may already know) is: what you do not measure, neither exists nor can you improve.Choosing the most appropriate variables for the objectives we have set determines whether or not the netherlands phone number free campaign we start is successful. (A few lines below we address which are the most appropriate to measure the success of a post on your blog).It is incomprehensible how, on more occasions than we expect, we come across projects that do not have defined KPIs. And the first thing you ask yourself is: do you have set goals? Where is it headed?KPIs and objectives go hand in hand and one cannot be understood without the other.KPIs allow us to understand the actions of our clients. They provide us with vital information, beyond what is the best-selling product or what is the monthly sales value that we have achieved.


Thanks to them we will be able to discover business and growth opportunities that, without measuring, we could not see.Therefore, mark and define the KPIs of the posts that help you achieve your goals .How to measure the success of a blogHow to measure the success of a blogIt is possible to measure the success of a post without knowing if your blog, in general, likes it. You could have positioned, in the first place of Google results, a post, and this does not mean that your content strategy is a success.Just as you can also know that you sell many units of a product even if the rest of your offer generates zero euros.But neither case seems very logical, right? You have to see it Netherlands Phone Number List .Everything must have a balance, and that is why we will see what are the KPIs that measure the success of your blog. Some examples of them are:Number of page views: it tells you, in a generic way, if your content is relevant to your audience. The more page views, the more interest. Promote internal links to boost this KPI.Number of sessions or visits that your blog receives : this is a variable related to notoriety. It is desirable that this number be high, right? ;)New vs recurring visitors: if your blog is new, you will have a high percentage of new users. You will see that, with time and quality content , the values ​​between bth profiles will balance out.Time of permanence : usability of the web and useful content are variables that influence this variable. Your readers should be comfortable in the house you have prepared for them: your blog. Place comfortable seats (easy navigation), serve them refreshing drinks to quench their thirst (interesting content) and they will like to stay a while to enjoy your offer.Origin of visits: in the next chapter of this post we will see how this KPI has a lot to do with how to measure the success of a particular post. It is important to know from which URL your visits come so that you can publish your posts in them (social networks, social aggregators …). This helps you in your link building strategy .Bounce percentage: to interpret this value you must take into account other results of the blog, for example, the time of stay of users on your website. If both are high, the first does not have to be bad, since if readers spend time on your blog it is because they like what you tell them.Measuring the success of a blog can be much more extensive than these 6 KPIs. And, if you want to delve into it, I recommend Ignacio Santiago’s post about it.

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Of course, not all indicators are equally important . It depends on where you have your goals set: branding, increasing sales, getting registrations, etc. Decide on them or let yourself be advised by digital marketing specialists.How to measure the success of a post
Now we are in a situation. We are aware of the need to establish KPIs to measure and of the importance of interpreting the success of a post in the context of your blog.Why is it important to know how to measure the success of a post?Why is it important to know how to measure the success of a post?The posts you publish on your blog have to talk about you. With them you specialize in the sector that you have decided to position yourself. They help you to differentiate yourself from the competition and show your knowledge, skills and professionalism in that sector.That is why you must bear in mind that the categories of your blog must be aligned with your work.Measuring the success of your posts helps you find the theme and tone with which to speak to your audience .And, if your blog is made up of a network of authors, then you should measure each published post. For three reasons:Know which authors are the ones that bring you the most traffic to the blog.Know which category brings you more traffic to the blog.So that you give feedback to your authors on the results of their publications. In this way they can also improve their publications for your benefit.But if we take a step further, and see that your blog represents a brand that offers products or services, measuring a post can be vital in your strategy.Many agencies and companies / businesses focus a lot of effort on writing a post that makes them a banner.What I mean by this?The idea is that, from that post, the brand is made known in the specific specialty that is being discussed. Of course, it is essential to choose the right keywords and that the content is exceptional. Through it, you hope to attract those potential customers included in your target. Do you already have an idea of ​​what your banner post can be?What are the KPIs that measure the success of a post?
As we have seen in this post, there are several KPIs that must be taken into account when interpreting the success of a post… and of a blog. Let’s highlight 5:What are the KPIs that measure the success of a post?1. Number of visits receivedIf your post is one of the most visited on the blog this month, I congratulate you. That means it has been successful. Or not?Well, everything is relative. It may be the post that has een read the most on your blog, but it may not be enough to be considered successful in your community.Anyway, don’t let it go down! Keep spreading it in the digital media you know and … go for it all!2. Time spent in the post
Obviously, depending on the length of the post, users will spend more or less time on it. You know what it takes to read it, so no one better than you to assess the relevance of those minutes of permanence.3. Number of shares
This is one of the most important values ​​to measure the success of a post, since it refers to the interactions it generates between users.Shared content implies a high degree of user commitment to the brand. Therefore, the more your post is shared, the better acceptance it will have with your audience.They are always relative values, as in the previous cases. And, if you’re just starting out, they may not be ideal. But starting to have them is a good sign. Go ahead!4. Number of comments
User comments at the end of the post are often an indicator of the success of a post. eye! As long as they are not negative, although they are critical.Positive comments are those that spark debate, enrich your content or ask about your explanations. There may be some that are discordant with the point of view that you expose in your post, but that is not bad. On the contrary, we all learn and grow professionally with them.However, not all the opinions of digital marketers go along these lines, as you will see if you continue reading.5. Number of backlinks
The backlinks are the links that your post receives on other pages or blogs that are not yours. For you to understand, all the words linked in this post that take you to another blog are backlinks that we make from here.Therefore, if your post is linked to another website, it means that that author has liked it. And that is an indicator of success!I want to give you some advice so that you keep trying to make your post successful: don’t stop spreading it while its content is still valid. Some community managers disseminate a post when it is published and it is new. Then they forget about it.Do not do it. If your post has content that does not expire, have them read it even if you have published others later. And if there is any news in what you explain, update it and continue with the dissemination.Questioning how to measure the success of a post
Are you thinking that you have read the whole post so that now it tells you that what I have said so far does not work? Not calm. The explained you can use it or ask for advice on how to apply it.However, there is a KPI on which I do want to put a question: the comments .If you regularly read posts, you will have seen that many comments are of the style “congratulations, a good post”. Followed by a “thank you, I’m glad you found it useful”, by the author. Do you think those comments indicate the success of a post?Many of them just stop by to say “hi how are you” to leave their mark. And if the blog is from an influencer, the better. More will see you.What if the comments on the posts are closed? Would this affect the success of a post?This debate was raised by Pedro Rojas in one of his recent courses that I attended. I admit that I stretched my hair when I heard him. “Sacrifice!” I said. Then I thought about it again and … maybe he has a point of reason.I do not want to expand on your theory. He will explain it if the need arises, that is why it is his. But the idea seems to be that it is to transfer the debate to social networks. Specifically, to the social network in which your niche is.The background is based on the fact that if someone is interested in your content and wants to comment, ask or debate about it, it will not cost them to go to the dissemination of that post on a social network. In this way, it is intended to eliminate those comments that do not add up and only seek exposure. What do you think about the idea? Do you think it can work?In any case, the reality is that most of the posts have open comments because they are considered as another form of dialogue with customers. And that is also a compelling reason.And you can perfectly take this KPI into account when assessing whether the published content has the acceptance of your target. Of course, remember that you must put the conclusions you obtain in context. Do not analyze it without knowing how your blog works.

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