How to Make the Right Decisions According to the Life Cycle of Your Business

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How to Make the Right Decisions According to the Life Cycle of Your Business

A decision can be totally appropriate and strategic, or on the contrary, it will only make you waste time and sometimes money that you stop earning (or directly lose) because it is not an appropriate time to implement it… I am Gaby Turiano and here I teach you simple guidelines to learn how to make decisions in your business . How to make the right decisions according to the life cycle of your business Are you doubting whether it is a good idea to expand your portfolio of offers or to focus on what you already have and that works? Are you debating delegating some tasks to a virtual assistant or even outsourcing a professional to help you with your brand design, or are you still doing it all yourself? Is it a good time to explore new markets or customers.

Starting from scratch

This is the first phase of your business when you don’t even see it as such yet. The first step you must build to have a business or coaching practice up and running is to assimilate that you are starting, that Armenia Phone Number List there are things that are essential and strategic, and that there are others that are a waste of time, money and focus . It is usual for this first stage to last between 3 and 6 months up to even a year . This depends on how much time you can dedicate to your new professional practice.

It’s okay if you take a little longer

It does not mean that you will not generate income until you complete this phase . It means that you have to pay attention to other things to lay a solid foundation. Here everything is to be done, so it is good that you know what are the essential decisions that you will have to make at this stage: Identification of your target market and ideal client , Research IG Users Phone List about it (what characteristics does it have, what do you need, what do you need, if you are willing and have the means to invest ), What “key” program or service can you offer to meet a need in this market, How to design this program/service so that it is really attractive and catches the attention of potential buyers, Define market positioning strategies , Strategies and channels for attracting potential customers .

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