How to make the best online marketing campaign

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How to make the best online marketing campaign

Do you want to make the  best online marketing campaign  for your brand or company? You’re not alone – scores of marketers set out to do the same, but only a lucky few achieve it. Do you know what their secret is to develop a good  advertising campaign ? The truth is that there is no “magic recipe” to make the best online campaign, because it is a constantly evolving environment and because the needs of brands are very different. But there are a number of proven good practices that you can implement now to improve the results of your  online marketing . Let’s see what they are and take a look at five   of the most inspiring digital campaigns.

5 tips to make the best online campaign for your brand

1) Analyze the situation before starting

The best marketers always do their homework. Good planning is half the battle, and for our plans to make sense, we have to know exactly where we are. Therefore, before you start writing the  marketing plan  for your  online campaign , my advice is to thoroughly review these three topics:

  • The current situation of the brand . Sales volume, objectives, digital channels in which it has a presence, previous campaigns carried out … This is a good time to analyze our online reputation: volume of user mentions of our brand and products, media where they are produced and tone of the themselves.
  • The competition . At a minimum, you need to identify your most direct competitors and see what they are doing with their online campaigns. Thus, you will be able to know which are the tactics that work best in your sector and identify possible gaps to cover with your marketing.
  • The target of your company . Who are your products and services aimed at? What needs do they have? What are the social networks and media you use the most? In this section, it can be very useful to develop a  buyer persona , that is, a profile of your ideal client that answers all these questions and helps you identify with them.

2) Clearly define your goals

Another essential point of  digital  marketing plans is the  definition of objectives . The  online campaigns  can respond to very different needs: increasing the number Buy Slovenia Consumer People Phone List of records in the database, improve conversions, generate awareness about a new product … so we have to be clear about what we want and flee of the “vanity metrics” as the number of followers.

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A good objective has to respond to these characteristics:

  • Be in line with the  global business objectives of the company . Online campaigns are just one more part of  the global marketing plan , and it is essential that the entire company is rowing in the same direction if we want to be successful. Therefore, the first thing to consider is what are the global needs of the company and how we can contribute to solving them.
  • Be as specific as  possible . A goal like “increase my brand awareness” is too generic, as it is so open to interpretation. Therefore, something like “get 4,000 mentions of the brand’s products on Twitter  and  Instagram  over the next 2 months” is much better  .
  • Be ambitious and realistic  at the same time . Goals that are too easy don’t motivate teams to do their best. But if we set an impossible goal, we will most likely be discouraged when we see that we are too far away. Therefore, a balance must be found between both points. It’s also a good idea to set two or three subgoals: minimal, affordable, and ideal, for example.
  • Can be  easily measured . It is absolutely essential that the objectives are quantifiable and associated with a key performance indicator (KPI), since otherwise we will not be able to monitor their evolution. In fact, a clear plan for measuring  results should be defined  at the same time that we set objectives.
  • Have a deadline . All the objectives must be defined in time, since this helps to distinguish between different stages and mark an action plan to achieve them.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that the same online campaign can respond to several objectives at the same time, so we do not have to limit ourselves to just one.

3) Choose the channels and actions well

Today we have endless resources to carry out our  online marketing campaigns , so it is essential to filter and focus on the channels and actions most likely to achieve the results we are looking for. To begin with, we have to keep in mind that different channels and strategies may be suitable for different phases  of the conversion funnel . For example, in the initial phase (TOFU) we can use display ads to generate visibility. In the MOFU stage, email marketing may be suitable for  lead nurturing . And when the user is ready to convert (BOFU), we can give them a final push with remarketing ads  .

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It is also advisable to do a good study of the online media that our ideal clients use the most. Ideally, this information should be part of the buyer persona. Another very useful tool to be clear about this choice is the  customer journey  , which will help us to visualize the different points of contact necessary for a person to become a brand customer. And it is that in general, we will have to impact you several times and through different means to achieve the conversion we are looking for.

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4) Correctly segment the audience

Segmentation is one of the most powerful keys of the best  digital marketing campaigns , since it allows us to reach the right person at the right time and save a lot of unnecessary effort. Today we have an incredible amount of  data  about users, but we have to use it wisely to get the most out of it. To start, write down these recommendations:

  • Explore targeting options for social media ads, for example  Facebook Ads . Through its tool, you can define a lot of aspects about your ideal audience, from the exact location to the marital status, hobbies or the devices they use.
  • Think about segmentation not only from a static characteristics point of view, but also from the  vital moment  in which the user is (for example, newlyweds, people who have just moved to a certain city …).
  • Do   A / B tests with different audience segments and compare the results with each other.
  • Use tools like lookalikes and remarketing.
  • Automate  your marketing as much as possible to be able to divide your audience into high precision segments and offer highly personalized campaigns.

5) Dare to risk

If we want to stand out in an environment as saturated as that of online campaigns, we cannot limit ourselves to doing what everyone else does. Thanks to the analysis of the competition, surely you have already identified what other brands are doing so  dare to be different! Surprise, shock, be controversial, make people laugh … there are many strategies we can use, but what is clear is that we cannot leave people indifferent. In the next section you can see 5 examples of unique online campaigns to inspire you.

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5 online campaigns that inspire us

1) Kale Limp from MailChimp

This email marketing platform   decided to make a virtue of necessity and take advantage of the ways in which users mispronounce their name. To do this, he launched a series of surreal online campaigns with different variations of “MailChimp”. In this one, “Kale Limp”, they reveal the surprising origin of one of the favorite vegetables of hipsters.

2) World apart from Heineken

The  advertising based on values is very powerful  when it comes to attract viewers. Heineken knows this and takes advantage of it perfectly in this online campaign. The concept: putting two very different people to build something together. When they have finished, the other’s beliefs are revealed to them and they are offered the option of talking about them over a cold beer in front of them.

3) Find it from McDonals

This  online marketing campaign , which invites us to find where we can find the best Coca-Cola, makes use of the power  of influencer marketing . The actress who stars in it, Mindy Kaling, had previously collaborated with the brand creating her own Mindy Burger.

4) # Breaking2 by Nike

An  advertising campaign  designed to break social networks and that also knew how to dare to fail. The premise: promote the VaporFly Elite shoe by organizing Phone Number List an attempt to run the marathon in less than two hours. The goal was not achieved for just 25 seconds, but the amount of mentions generated was simply impressive.

5) Ikea Place

Ikea’s Place app is a fantastic example of how to incorporate new technologies into  digital campaigns . Through augmented reality, this application allowed users to see how different furniture from the catalog would look in their homes. In addition to being a lot of fun, it’s super useful in guiding customers’ purchasing decisions.

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