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How to get more followers on Instagram with advertising in Stories

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How to get more followers on Instagram with advertising in Stories

Getting  more followers on Instagram  is the goal of many marketers and aspiring influencers. And is that to take full advantage of the marketing and monetization potential of this network, you need an audience! There are different strategies that can help us increase the number of followers on Instagram. Today we are going to focus on one of the fastest and most effective that exist:  advertising in Stories . Let’s go there!

Why do you want to have more followers on Instagram?

Before we get down to work, I would like to stop for a moment to reflect: why do you want to have more  followers on Instagram ? Or put another way, what are your  marketing goals  on this network? You may want to  become an influencer  and attract brand sponsorships,  get more visits to a blog or get more leads and conversions for your brand’s ecommerce . In any case, my recommendation is that you always establish quantifiable objectives and that you take them into account when preparing your content and your promotion strategy so as not to waste efforts in vain.

A very common goal of users who are starting on Instagram is to reach  10,000 followers . This is a “magic number” for two reasons:

  • From this figure, Instagram allows you to put links  in your Stories . In this way, you can use them to attract visits to your blog, product pages in your Buy Panama Consumer People Phone List online store or even landing pages. Since you can place a different link in each Story, it is a much more flexible option than the bio link.
  • With 10,000 followers, you are already beginning to be considered a  micro  – influencer in your sector . Previously,  influencer marketing  focused on users with a large following, and the more the merrier! But this has caused a certain wear and tear and the new trend is to focus on users with a smaller catchment area but who have strong relationships with their community.

Whether you’re looking to build your first 10,000 Instagram followers or expand an established presence, I have one important piece of advice:  never be tempted to buy followers . There are many services that offer it, but they are fake accounts that will not increase your levels of interaction. In addition, Instagram is increasingly alert to this type of deception and you can end up losing your followers as fast as you got them. Instead, betting on Stories advertising will take a little longer, but the results will be infinitely better.

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Get more followers with advertising in Stories

We are going to use  Instagram Stories  to naturally attract traffic to your profile. Thus, we will increase your visibility and attract more users interested in following you. We have opted for  advertising on Instagram Stories  because it is a very popular format (especially among Spanish users), fast, visual and immersive. Keep in mind that Stories are limited to 15 seconds of video or 10 seconds of still images, so you will have to think carefully about what content you want to promote to achieve maximum impact.

When you have your Story ready, follow these  steps  to announce that Pedro SEO recommends us  :

  • Go to the  Facebook Ads Manager  (Facebook and Instagram ad systems are integrated). You can go from this URL: and put the access data of your personal account. Or from your personal profile, you can enter from the menu bar at the top right. Click on the icon in the shape of an arrow pointing downwards and a menu will be displayed, where you will find the option to access the Business Manager of your account.
  • Enter your brand’s advertising account, go to the “Campaigns” tab and click the green “+ Create” button, in order to create a new campaign.

Then, select the  objective  of  Consideration / Traffic  (if you want to attract new followers to your website) or  Recognition / Reach  (if for now you prefer to focus exclusively on Instagram).

  • Create your target audience . It is very important that you configure this step well, since the more related the users who see the ads, the more likely they will end up becoming followers of your account. Here you can choose parameters such as location, age, gender and the tastes and interests of the people who will see the ad. What I recommend is that you prepare in advance a Custom Audience and a lookalike Audience (similar). How do you do this? Before starting the campaign, go to the Ads Manager / Assets / Audiences section and click on  “Audiences” . When you are in “Audiences” press the blue “Create audiences” button:

Choose the “Interaction” option to create a list of people who have interacted with your content on Facebook or Instagram. Then, choose the option “Instagram profile for companies” and, thus, you will be able to create a Custom Audience or personalized audience that includes the people who have interacted with you in a certain period of time. Finally, a form will appear with several options that you must customize to list your personalized audience. I recommend that you leave the parameters as you see them in the image and finish the process by naming your audience.

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After these steps, the Custom Audience will take a few hours or even a day for Facebook to process and have it ready. Wait and when it is available, we will perform the same steps again, but to create a “Similar Audience”.

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This menu will open:

In the “Origin” section you must put the Custom Audience that you have created from the interactions you have had on your Instagram profile. In “Place” choose the country or region that you want to impact with your campaign. For example, if your goal is to get followers from Spain, put this country, and if you prefer a set of countries, include them all here. Of course, for each campaign that you are going to carry out, create a new “Similar Audience”.

Display the option “Show advanced options” and choose to create 3 types of similar audiences: 1%, 1% to 2% and 2% to 5%.

It would look like this:

To finish you click on “Create audience”. You will see that lookalike audiences will also take a few hours or a whole day to create and be ready (while they are not finished it will say “Completing”). What we achieve by doing this work is having new audiences and similar to the original. People similar in profile, age and interests to those who interact with our company account on Instagram. In this way, we can reach new consumers who may be interested in our content.

Now, when you start  creating a campaign  and get to the point of choosing your audience, you will already have several created. Choose the original Custom Audience and also include one of the Lookalike Audiences (I would start with the 1% or 1% to 2%) .

  • When you are creating the campaign you must choose in the “Locations” section that only be published on Instagram Stories.
  • At the end of this point, complete the other points of the creation of a campaign: define the budget, the days that the campaign will last and the creatives, copies and links of the ad.
  • Give it to finish and wait for Facebook to approve it for it to start publishing.
  • Clever! Remember to  take a daily look at the ad results  to see if you are reaching your goals and implement the necessary changes in your case.
  • Control how many followers you have at the beginning of the campaign, the progression while the campaign is active and how many you have achieved at the end.
  • Important! Make a video .  To  get followers on Instagram , it is the ad format that works the most. In it, invite users to go to your profile, follow you and like your content.
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7 recommendations to succeed with your advertising in Stories

  1. Content  is king . Ads can help you show your Phone Number List Stories to more people, but they can’t “force” them to become followers. You have to create attractive videos and images that really connect with your audience.
  2. It attracts attention  from the second one . Users make the decision to stop by to watch a Story or to come by in the first couple of seconds, so don’t be shy and show them your charms from the start.
  3. Take care of the editing  of your videos . One of the peculiarities of advertising in Stories is that it has a vertical format, so the visual composition is very different from that of conventional videos. Take this into account when preparing your content.
  4. Tell a story . This is a recommendation from the creators of Instagram themselves: if you want to really hook your audience, you have to resort to storytelling to tell them something. And yes, really, it is possible to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end in just 15 seconds 😉
  5. Take into account the sound . 60% of Instagram users see Stories with sound, so it is one more element that you can take advantage of to create impact and tell your story. To achieve good sound quality, find a quiet room to record and, if possible, use a separate microphone from your mobile.
  6. Use all creative resources . With Stories advertising, you can take advantage of several unique tools: progress bars, pause button, texts and emojis … Unleash your creativity!
  7. Don’t forget about branding . In the end, what you are looking for is not simply to get more followers on Instagram, but to sell your brand (personal, professional or commercial). So my recommendation is that you include your logo and brand name in the Stories, if possible at the beginning.

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