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How to do a keyword study step by step for your SEM or Google Ads campaigns

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How to do a keyword study step by step for your SEM or Google Ads campaigns

One of the most important actions when planning to start a  SEM or Google Ads campaign  in the Search format   is the  study of keywords  to know how people who are interested in our product or service search for it in the search engine. Based on this study, we must structure the account, create the ads and adjust the content of our landing page.

Keyword study for a Search ad SEM campaign

1 # Target web page analysis

The first step to do a good keyword study is to know the service or product we are offering. One way to do this is to  analyze the web page where we will send the traffic  if it is available. It can also be useful to browse web pages that offer the same product (the competition) to get Argentina Mobile Number Database ideas that may be interesting. Next, we must make a  list of between two and ten main ideas of the services or products to offer . We are going to give an example in which we want to design a campaign to advertise the SEM services that we offer in Cyberclick.

The image shows the piece of text from our landing page where it is explained to users how we help our clients. From this landing we take the following main ideas:

  • Google Partner Certificate
  • Campaign design
  • Keyword optimization
  • And ad creation

2 # Use keyword planning platforms

The next step is to  use the existing planning platforms. If you use  Google’s keyword planner , you can enter the main ideas that you have found in the previous point, and Google gives you all the keywords that are related to the ideas that you have entered. You can segment by location (country, autonomous community, province or city) and by language. The good thing about this planner is that it can help you identify an idea that you had not contemplated. However, you have to do a more exhaustive filtering process because often words little related to the initial ideas are sneaked in.

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The first words are the ones that we have suggested, and then we get the ones that have the most searches and that are related. (They match those found when we search by URL). Another keyword planner platform that works very well is  SEMrush . This second is more selective when it comes to filtering, and sticks more closely to the initial ideas that you introduce. In addition, it groups the keywords by groups according to the number of different words or by the volume of searches, with this second option filtering is easier. Here we can segment by country. For example, SEMrush groups the keywords with the most searches that we see in the image: Google, Malaga, Madrid, Public, etc. It should also be noted that SEMrush is a paid platform, but it offers the possibility of free trial periods.

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With the Google planner, there is also the possibility of entering a web URL and Google selects the most searched keywords related to this web. Once we have all the keywords that interest us and we have filtered the ones that we do not want,  we must group them so that all the keywords in each group are related . Here the group that SEMrush has made us can help us, but it will always depend on the type of campaign and the service we want to advertise.

These groups will help us identify the ad groups that we will create later in our campaign structure. We can also combine the two platforms to identify how to make these groupings. For example, first looking at the groups that SEMrush makes us, and filter the Google list with these words. It is important to identify the ideas or concepts that have the most searches and to know which keywords users are searching for each one. It is also relevant here to identify the degree of relationship between what we offer to the client and the content of each group.

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In our example, we will select the words: advertising, ads, positioning and city. We must value the fact that we include words with many searches, such Phone Number List as ‘Adwords’ or ‘Google Adwords’ in our campaign, since we have to focus on those searches that look for someone who wants to help them keep their accounts and not someone just looking for information from the service.

3 # Competitor analysis

To complement our study of keywords we can  look at competitive ads . SEMrush makes things much easier for us since it allows us to know other companies that are bidding on keywords that we want to use and even allows us to know what these keywords are and the price they are paying. The study is a main part that must be carried out when you want to create a search campaign and the proper functioning of the campaign will largely depend on it. An interesting point is that  this study can serve us later to enhance our SEO content on our website, ecommerce or blog.

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