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How to create a successful YouTube channel on a budget

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How to create a successful YouTube channel on a budget

Creating and keeping up to date a YouTube channel with high technical quality videos and interesting content that adds value to the user and, in addition, getting thousands of subscribers is an ambitious project that requires work . But if we also intend to achieve it with the added difficulty of havig a low budget , our objective seems Armenia Cell Phone Numbers  complicated .But it’s not impossible! And in InboundCyle we have taken care of demonstrating it with our YouTube channel about Inbound Marketing . A project that currently exceeds 9,400 subscribers thanks to the quality of our videos and the value they provide. And all this on a modest budget! Do you want to know the secrets of the success of our audiovisual channel? Well you’re in luck … becase in this post I’ll tell you everything.list_altIndex of contents
Videos: an increasingly important piece in digital marketing strategies
This is all very good, but … how much will it cost me?
The InboundCycle YouTube channel. A success story with a small budget explained in 8 steps
Conclusion: yes, it is possible to create a YouTube channel at low cost
Videos: an increasingly important piece in digital marketing strategies
New consumer habits on the Internet are increasingly inclined towards audiovisual content, to the detriment of text. A trend that is being strengthened and intensified, and will be even more so in the coming years, due to the ease of viewing and sharing videos from all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops …) and at any time of the day .The videos also have an unquestionable power to attract both traffic and user attention and a great facility to go viral .There is nothing like the forcefulness and spectacularity of the data that this infographic shows to demonstrate and confirm the importance of videos in any digital strategy:81% of brands already have at least one video published on their website.

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It is estimated that in 2018 video will represent more than 74% of total web traffic.
Between Snapchat (10,000 million), Facebook (8,000 million) and YouTube (4,000 million), they add 22,000 million hours of daily video consumption.
78% of people watch online videos every week.
33% of tablet users spend at least an hour a day watching videos.
Main uses of videos in a Armenia Phone Number List  strategy
If these consumption figures do not seem enough to you to seriously consider the inclusion of a video channel in your marketing or online content strategy, surely knowing all the advantages of this format has just convinced you :

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They attract visits to a website, blog, ecommerce …
They improve the visibility of the brand or company.
They enhance the brand image (branding).
Video channels, especially on YouTube, allow the creation of a new community with subscribers, where its members can interact with each other and with the brand.
Improve engagement with users and customers.
Within an inbound marketing strategy , videos are a good opportunity to generate leads and also future clients.
New Call-to-action

This is all very good, but … how much will it cost me?
Possibly, by now you are seriously considering the convenience of opening a corporate YouTube channel as part of your company’s online marketing strategy.However, there is likely one issue that makes you cautious, if not reluctant, when deciding to start a YouTube channel: budget .It is perfectly logical to have the feeling that opening and maintaining a YouTube channel with quality videos and getting a large number of subscribers is a task that represents a significant financial investment. It is also possible that your company does not have enough resources to invest in it or that, having never tried it, prefers to allocate these resources in other actions that have already worked for it before.But this does not always have to be the case: opening a quality channel does not have to be a large investment . What’s more: you can do it with few material and equipment resources.And to prove it, I am not going to waste your time with theoretical arguments, but I am going to explain step by step a case of success that I know first-hand from having actively participated in it: the inbound marketing channel on YouTube of our agency : the Inbound Marketing Academy .To discover all this, you just have to keep reading …youtube channel inboundcycleInboundCycle Youtube ChannelThe InboundCycle YouTube channel. A success story with a small budget explained in 8 stepsNext, I will explain to you step by step how to create and maintain a YouTube channel with a very low budget but, at the same time, that it is of quality and that it has many visits and subscribers. And so that you can see that this is perfectly possible, we will also reveal to you the concrete actions carried out at each step by our agency.How to create a successful YouTube channel on a low budget
Step 1: channel strategy
Whether you have a low or high budget, the first thing you have to do is define, always based on objectives, the strategy for your YouTube channel .The clearer you have what you want to achieve with the channel, the easier it will be to conceptualize and shoot the types of video that you want and are interested in.You can have several objectives; the most common are the following:

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Improve branding.
Have a community of followers related to your brand.
Direct visits to your website, blog, ecommerce …
Generate leads.
Generate customers.
Improve the relationship with users or customers.
Present your products or services.
Have a new communication channel.
Improve SEO positioning:
Increase the visit time of your website (in the case that you embed the videos). This benefits SEO.
Position the videos in search engines.
Framed in an inbound marketing strategy, the use of a YouTube channel can be very useful for all phases of the project: attraction, conversion, decision and loyalty.
How do we do it at InboundCycle?
In our case, for example, the objectives we have with our YouTube channel have to do with the attraction phase , since what we want to achieve with our videos is:

Direct visits to the contents of our website.
Capture leads.
Position ourselves as a benchmark in inbound marketing.
Have a community of followers on YouTube.
To achieve this, approximately 2 years ago we decided that our YouTube channel would focus on educational videos about inbound marketing , in which the agency’s professionals would appear explaining situations they have encountered in their day-to-day professional life and how they have resolved them .

Example of a video from the InboundCycle YouTube channel

Step 2: define the materials, spaces and equipment needed, and purchase them (if necessary)
When you are already clear about the objective of your channel and what the videos you publish on it will be like, you will be able to know, more or less, what materials, what equipment and what spaces you need to be able to record your videos.

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In order to make low cost videos, you can follow these recommendations:

Whenever possible, it is recommended that the videos on your channel be coordinated by an internal person in the team , for example, the content manager or another member of the marketing team with knowledge in video recording and editing and in content management. In this way, you will save the costs of hiring another professional .

Another possibility is to use the services of a video expert to train a person on your team and, later, this person can take care of this work independently and autonomously.

If someone has to appear in your videos explaining something, I also recommend that it be a person or people from your own team or someone who can do it as a selfless collaboration. Why do I recommend this to you? So that you can save the expense of hiring a new professional for this task.

I will tell you that, although at first it may seem difficult to record videos if you do not have previous experience, in InboundCycle we know from experience that it is possible if you feel like it … and it is also a lot of fun!

It is not essential to rent a set to record the videos. In many cases, it is perfectly possible to do it in the same office, as long as there is a space with good lighting and sound conditions . Much better if it is completely soundproofed and has a smooth bottom.

When it comes to materials, you do n’t need to buy a professional kit or a video camera either. Currently, very good quality videos can be recorded with a modest still camera and even a mobile phone, a tripod and a microphone. Nothing else is needed.

How do we do it at InboundCycle?
Now I will explain to you how we have solved the needs of equipment, space and materials in InboundCycle .
The recording, management and optimization of the videos is assumed internally. Although due to the significant volume of work, we have the collaboration of a freelance professional who is in charge of editing and designing the videos . We send him the good shots of the videos and he takes care of editing them and adding all the graphic elements.

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