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How to create a business page on Facebook step by step

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How to create a business page on Facebook step by step

A  company page on Facebook  is necessary if you want to have a presence with your brand or business on this social network. Facebook does not see with good eyes that you promote your company with a personal profile, hence, years ago it launched the option of creating pages for companies, events, public figures, associations and other types of entities. In addition,  a personal account has a limit of 5,000 friends , when  a page can have infinite followers. Do not worry! In this article I explain step by step how to  create a business page on Facebook step by step  and the reasons for doing it.

What are the advantages of creating a business page on Facebook?

  • It is the right way to  promote your business . Facebook is very strict about the use of personal accounts: if they discover that you are using one for promotional purposes, it is likely that they will close it and all your effort has been in vain.
  • You can have an  unlimited number of followers . Personal accounts on Facebook can have a maximum number of 5000 friends. They may seem like a lot to you, but if your business starts to grow, they will fall short right away. In contrast, Company Pages do not have a follower limit.
  • It has  extra functions , for example, showing your location on a map, sharing the hours of your stores or having users leave you public comments and Panama Phone Number List ratings. They are designed to make promoting your business as easy as possible, which is not the case with personal profiles.
  • It is public  and you can link to it from other sites, for example, your website . Think of it as a showcase of what you offer to Facebook users.
  • You can manage it between  several users . Personal accounts are … well, personal. Each user has a unique personal account, with username and password. By contrast, company pages allow multiple different users to access, edit, and share content without the need to share passwords. In addition, it is possible to enable several different access levels.
  • They allow you to access statistics  on the activity of the page , such as the number of users who have interacted with its publications or the demographic data of the people who follow it. This is very useful information for your company’s digital marketing strategy.
  • It gives you access to  advertising  on Facebook . Facebook has a very powerful ad manager, with a lot of formats, objectives and options. If you have a professional presence on this network, you can use it to promote your business.
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How to create a business page on Facebook step by step

  • Create a personal account  on Facebook . If you don’t know how to do it, take a look at the article I linked above!
  • Go to the fanpage creation page at  www.facebook.com/pages/create/ . You can also access it by clicking the down arrow icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Choose the type of page  you are going to open . You can choose between two categories:
    • Company or brand.  Show your products and services, highlight your brand and reach more customers on Facebook.
    • Community or public figure. Connect and share content with people in your community, organization, team, group or club.
  • Name  your company page . This step is very important, since it depends on it that they can find you easily. Try to think about how users can search for you and make sure you use the keywords that are most important to your business.

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  • Choose your  profile and cover images . Another crucial moment, since first impressions are very important for a user to follow you or not. However, keep in mind that you can always change them later. To look good, your profile photo should be 180 x 180 pixels and your cover photo should be 851 x 135 pixels.
  • Configure the page : choose if you want to enable an automatic reply for messages from other users, fill in all the information about your company, customize the tabs displayed on the page and add a call-to-action button, for example, so that visitors contact you or download your app.

5 ideas to promote your page on Facebook

If you have read the previous steps, you already know how to create a Facebook page and you are ready to publish yours. But this is just the beginning of the work. For your Facebook page to be successful, you have to create a community around it. These five ideas will help you promote it and start getting a following.

  1. Post some content and invite your contacts . For your Facebook page to be attractive, it has to offer something to users. To get started, upload some articles, photos and videos that explain who you are and what you can offer. Once you have this ready, you can start inviting the contacts you have on Facebook.
  2. Promote the page among your database . The next thing is to go one step further and advertise the web to other contacts who are not on Facebook, for example, subscribers to the company’s newsletter or followers on other social networks. Since they already have Phone Number List a relationship with your company, it is very likely that they will become followers, so do your best with your presentation.
  3. Optimize your website  to attract followers to your Facebook page . The basic thing is to include buttons on the different pages of your site encouraging visitors to follow you on social networks. If you want to go further, you can download all kinds of additional plugins, for example, to add comments to your page from the web or to register on the web through Facebook.
  4. Use Facebook advertising . Without a doubt, this is one of the fastest and most direct ways to get new followers, although it has the disadvantage of being paid. To make the investment pay off, target the users most likely to end up becoming customers.
  5. Organize contests and sweepstakes . Contests and sweepstakes are a very effective way to increase interactions with your page and, if you offer products from your company, they can be very cheap. Of course, for users to stay with you in the medium and long term, you will have to continue nurturing the relationship with them after the contest.
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