How Long Does It Take To Define An Inbound Marketing Strategy?

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How Long Does It Take To Define An Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Since the early hours, the Markentive agency has specialized in defining and implementing Inbound Marketing strategies for companies wishing to Nepal Phone Number List themselves. Among the many questions we answer when we meet advertisers who are interested in this methodology, that of the time required to define an inbound marketing strategy comes up very often. We prefer to tell you right away, implementing such a strategy takes about 3 weeks. But the real question is why?

Why is it absolutely necessary to go through a phase of strategic reflection? Defining an Inbound Marketing strategy is a crucial step in the success of campaigns. The Inbound Marketing strategy of a company must be in perfect harmony with its business objectives and take up the main elements of what makes the current success of the company. In other words, translating the added value brought to the customer, in a digital way.

The strategy phase must make it possible to identify the opportunities to be seized and to anticipate the risks. This phase must therefore also focus on the environment and the overall context of the company. Analyzing the main competitors and their actions can be a good starting point on the external aspect. It is also essential to adapt your strategy to your buyer personas , or to identify them if this work has not yet been done.

Why shouldn’t we spend too much time on the strategy stage?

Before looking at the time it takes, let’s take the extreme case: If a company spends several months defining its Inbound Marketing strategy before launching, it is likely to encounter one of the following situations: The defined strategy is viable and relevant when it is thought out, but will be obsolete and in total inconsistency with the market during its implementation… which will come too late. The defined strategy is not at all in line with the market from the start. The first campaign will therefore be a bitter failure, despite the significant amount of resources mobilized. Either way, the company will have wasted time, money, and missed great opportunities. During this time, the competitors will have developed their market share.

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The digital and the Inbound Marketing methodology must be based on tangible elements and be confronted with the reality of the market. Speculating on the expectations of your future visitors, leads or customers is a first step, verifying the veracity of these assumptions is the second, but undoubtedly the most important. Because let’s be honest, no one is able to know, at the strategic definition stage, what will or will not work.

It is now clear that an inbound marketing strategy should not drag on over time. Be careful, this does not mean that we must rush thinking in favor of action! Not spending 2 months there does not mean spending 2 days there, you still have to know in which direction we are going. In order to be quick (but not overly) and efficient in establishing the marketing strategy, applying an iterative approach seems to be the right choice.

Why is it important to take an iterative approach?

The emergence of digital and the adoption of this communication channel by customers have radically changed the sustainability of marketing strategies. Where a marketing strategy could be relevant over a long period a few years ago, it is now essential to adopt an iterative approach.

This approach consists of quickly testing the first ideas, comparing them to the reality of the market, analyzing the results obtained, finding means of optimization and then testing, again, an improved version of this idea. In other words, an iterative approach is part of a logic of continuous improvement.

The interest of such an approach is to reduce the risk of errors and above all, to reduce the impact of these errors on the business of a company. By operating in iterations, the resources mobilized between 2 versions of the same idea are less. It can also be interesting to think about when should automation intervene in the implementation of the strategy.

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