He Who Talks Too Much Exposes Himself

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He Who Talks Too Much Exposes Himself

Argument is a set of ideas and premises that are externalized by means of stringed words. And they have a fertile field when the “timing” works in favor and not against. Whoever speaks slowly “engages” the links better and flows more comfortably. When you speak low and slowly, the interlocutor’s attention is increased twice. Then everything else is part of the quality of the message you want to convey. In strategic communication, the form is worth as much as the substance, because the former is frequently responsible for the failure to expose the latter.

It Is Always Better

Many associate the clarity of messages with the volume of words. But rarely is this true. Just as emphasis in a text editor is established with “bold or italics”, so it is better established in dialogue Slovenia Phone Number List with subtle repetitions or intonations. No need to talk more about the account. The strategic thinker is never self-evident in his actions. He always makes sure to be the one to “close the door” after everyone has entered or left. In this way he manages to prevail over others. And a valuable ally in this effort, is to say little and leave others thinking.

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Abraham Lincoln

Don’t be afraid of not being clear enough by not going too far with the dialectic! The clarity of the arguments is very similar to the light of day, it does not last only a moment, there is always more time that can be used. And don’t forget either: it’s easier to add than to take away. This is an immutable maxim of strategic communication and the art that words IG Users Phone List represent. Was one of the leaders who best cultivated the art of communicating with others. His domain of language reaches us from his remote time to the present. And regarding the possible risk of being austere with words, he said the following: “it is better to remain silent and suspect your wisdom than to speak and eliminate any doubt about it” .

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