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Facebook: best time and day to publish your posts

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Facebook: best time and day to publish your posts

What are the best time and day to post on  Facebook ?  Many marketers have asked ourselves this question over the years, since finding the key moment can make the difference between a post that goes completely unnoticed and one that ends up going viral.

Luckily, a lot of studies have been done on the subject, so we have more and more information to hit. The answer is not a universal magic formula, but it does give us very interesting clues to maximize the performance of our content. So if you want to know what is the best time and day to post on Facebook and other super useful tricks to  improve your engagement  on this network, keep reading!

Facebook: the best day and time to post

The first thing to know about the best day and time to  post on Facebook  is that, unfortunately, the algorithm is not on our side. Since users tend to subscribe to a large number of pages and groups over the years, the vast majority of posts never make it to the Breaking News Macedonia Phone Number List section, otherwise the amount of content would overwhelm them. To try to overcome this obstacle, you have to focus on  fostering interaction  with the publications. The greater the number of comments and reactions, the greater the perceived interest in the post and the more likely it is to be shown to users.

Another resource that brands are forced to turn to is the promoted post function  , which increases the reach of a publication in exchange for a payment. Including them in your  Facebook strategy  will allow you to increase reach and interactions. But even if you use this function, it is still interesting to publish your content when more users can see it, so let’s see what the data says:

  • The  Friday is an excellent day to publish , because in them occurs 17% of comments, 16% of “likes” and shares and 25% of video views . In addition, they have the highest happiness index of the week.
  • According to a study by  Buddy Media , 86% of content is published during the week and  interactions reach their highest point on Thursdays and Fridays .
  • Another Unmetric study   reveals that  the highest number of interactions per post (in the case of brands) occurs on Wednesdays . In addition, this day there are fewer brands that publish, so there is a greater chance that your content will stand out.
  • As for the  best time to post on Facebook , an analysis of 18 different studies by  Falcon.io  reveals that  the highest success rate occurs between 12 noon and 4 in the afternoon . In second place would be 9 in the morning and 8 at night.
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Although these data provide us with a very useful guide, do not forget that the situation of each brand and each audience is unique. Run different tests and measure the results to see what works best for you.

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What to do to improve the engagement rate on Facebook

Finding the best day and time to post on Facebook is very important, but of course it is not everything. We are going to see some of the data from  “The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement”  by BuzzSumo, which helps us to know  how to multiply the interactions with our publications . In this study, 777 million posts on Facebook were analyzed to discover which pages, brands and videos generated the most interactions.

  • If you want to improve your rate of interactions on Facebook, bet on videos . The data shows without any doubt that this format is the king when it comes to engaging the audience. This makes sense when you consider that Facebook is trying to focus on generating “meaningful reactions” among users, and the videos force them to stop what they are doing to watch. Video posts generate 59% more engagement than other types of content. In second place would be the publications with questions and in third place, the photos.
  • The length of the content is also a determining factor when it comes to generating interactions. For text posts, brevity is clearly the trump card: posts with  less than 50 characters  generated around 380 media engagements , while this figure dropped to 270 for posts between 50 and 100 characters and continued to decline as the length of the post increased.
  • When it comes to videos, it seems that the best option is a middle ground: the videos that generated the most interactions were  between 3 and 4 minutes in length . Specifically, this type of video achieved 1,500 interactions on average. Of course, if your video is going to last more than 3 minutes, it is recommended that the identification of the brand and the calls to action be placed before this point.
  • In 2011, a study by The New York Times identified  five main reasons why users share information online , which BuzzSumo experts continue to Phone Number List consider valid. They are: delighting others with valuable and entertaining content, identifying ourselves and introducing ourselves to others, nurturing our relationships, self-actualization, and spreading the word about issues, products, and brands.
  • Finally, a six-step analysis method is recommended   to maximize the reach of your content on Facebook: search your posts with more success, ask yourself what they have in common, apply the lessons and evaluate the results, adjust your actions, analyze the engagement of the competition’s Facebook pages and modify your own strategy in the network based on the conclusions.
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