Emotional intelligence: how to apply it to your business culture

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Emotional intelligence: how to apply it to your business culture

Everything that is related to rationality has always been overvalued: decision-making, supposed intelligence. But in recent decades, advances in cognitive psychology have brought out the importance of managing emotions not only for balance between yourself and your closest circle, but also as a measure of people’s success. This phenomenon, known as the concept of  Emotional Intelligence  (Daniel Goleman, 1995), has not gone unnoticed by the business world. Many companies work every day to incorporate their benefits into their  corporate culture.

What is emotional intelligence?

The concept of  Emotional Intelligence  emerges from the  new direction that psychology has taken  over the last decades. For many years now, psychological trends have extolled reason as an unequivocal method for making decisions and categorizing one’s intelligence. However, in recent years there has been a great paradigm shift. Emotions are beginning to be understood as something intrinsic to the human being at the same time that methods are proposed to break with the  overvaluation of classical intelligence  (rational, logical and analytical).

But what do we mean when we talk about  Emotional Intelligence ? It’s about  understanding your emotions and empathizing with those of others ; to have the Buy South Africa Consumer People Phone List ability to manage emotions  both internally and externally. In fact, more than just one, Emotional Intelligence is based on a  set of skills : enthusiasm, self-motivation, capacity for empathy, impulse control and trust in people. Feelings and emotions have been found to play a critical role in our ability to make decisions. And what can it contribute to our corporate culture ? We’ll see it right away!

Advantages of including emotional intelligence in your business culture

Companies have found in  Emotional Intelligence  a  very good tool to understand people’s productivity , the keys to success and even the characteristics for good leadership. Let’s see what are the advantages of working with business culture taking into account emotional management:

  • Improves coordination and work efficiency . Good internal management is almost always synonymous with good performance. Empathizing with the emotions and feelings of others can help you understand their actions, concerns and motivations, which will have a very good impact on coordination. This will generate  motivation and good vibes  within the  team  and will be reflected in the results.
  • Improve the work environment . Fostering a good work environment is essential to obtain good results. That people who feel heard and above all understood is the first step to create a  happy company . It is essential to observe, listen and understand others in order to connect with them in a more real and meaningful way.
  • Team building . Building a job goes beyond the walls of the office. Listening is essential for the team to understand each other, yes, but creating a bond between the  team  is something that goes much further. Get to know each other, understand each other, create friendships, share, laugh. Because a team that goes to one is the basis of all business activity.
  • Decision making . As we have already seen, emotions and feelings play a fundamental role in our ability to make decisions. In fact, even the sensations we have in the stomach can be key: visceral movements give us more or less security to choose or reject certain responses. Never underestimate the power of the stomach!
  • Improve conflict management and crisis management . Sometimes dealing with stress can be tricky. One of the key skills of Emotional Intelligence is self-control. Learning to cut negative thoughts to work towards goals and objectives is essential to control the emotions that prevent us from working. On the other hand, through active listening we will be able to know the internal opinions of the company and will avoid that conflicts remain unresolved, always bearing in mind that the way in which problems are discussed is essential for solving them.
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4 Techniques to develop emotional intelligence in your business culture

While it is true that some people have more capacity than others to channel and manage emotions, these types of skills can be learned over the years through certain techniques. Let’s see what they are!

1) Detect the emotions behind the actions

To educate ourselves in  Emotional Intelligence it  is essential to know how to  detect the emotions that motivate our actions and those of others . For this, it is very necessary to detail as much as possible each emotion that we perceive. It is not enough to say “I am sad”, but we must delve into the maximum: “Today I had a bad day and I am very negative with myself. I feel that I do not have time to finish my tasks and all this has led me to act in this way ”. It is necessary to adapt a specific emotional vocabulary to be able to accurately capture the nuances of each feeling. All this can help us to be more empathetic with the people around us, in addition to feeling much closer.

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2) Pay close attention to body language

The  body language  is a key factor in determining the emotions of each person. As its name suggests, it is a language from which we can extract a lot of information, more than we think! Learning to relate body movements with emotions will help us to know how to recognize, interpret and work on them.

3) Observe, listen and ask

Less guessing and more asking: the magic formula. Pay attention to the actions and reactions of the  team , know what emotion has motivated them and understand why certain actions can be achieved through active listening. And not only towards others… it also works in an introspective way. Understanding oneself, the team and the environment are the three basic pillars that we must always keep in mind.

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4) Importance of feedback

The  feedback  is an  essential tool to move forward with projects . A good job of  Emotional Intelligence  can enrich the information we can get from you much more. It is very Phone Number List necessary to take care of the way things are said, always starting from constructiveness and assertiveness. The motivation, energy and confidence of the team will never be attacked.

We are aware that there are many exchanges of opinions within a team. But we know that  Emotional Intelligence  can help us a lot to take advantage of each person’s mind: their ideas, their proposals and their creative process without damaging their motivation and enthusiasm. The door to emotional education is always open. Adapting to a modern, critical and demanding world of tolerance, diversity and professionalism is possible.

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