Eating together makes us happier do it with your team

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Eating together makes us happier do it with your team

Did you know that …  eating as a team  can be one of the keys to having a happier company (and life)? According to a recent study by Oxford Economics and the National Center for Social Research, eating together makes us feel better than eating alone. The study looked at 8,250 people and found that those who ate with others regularly were happier than those who ate alone.

Since we spend most of the day at work, eating Buy Portugal Consumer People Phone List together as a team can be a great way to promote  well-being and  happiness in the company . Do you want to know more reasons to implement this habit?

Why does eating in company make us happier?

The Oxford Economics study   shows that  team eating makes us happy , but not why. But just stopping to think a little, I can think of quite a few reasons for this:

  • Meals are a good time to talk and share things  in a relaxed atmosphere.  Although we are with co-workers, we conceive them as a moment of rest and relaxation and we relate in a more natural way.
  • We enjoyed  the food more. Studies show that when we eat in the company of other people, we spend more time eating and therefore pay more attention to what we are doing. Food can also be a great time to have fun!
  • Group meals are associated with  moments with family and friends , thus reinforcing the bond with other people.

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  • As psychologist  Robin Dunbar told The Guardian , sitting at the table with other people activates the system of production of  endorphins , chemical components related to happiness.
  • If we eat regularly with the rest of the team, we create  routines  and moments in common, which reinforces our personal bonds.
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For all these reasons, and more, at Cyberclick for over a year we have eaten together every Monday after our weekly meeting. The company takes care of this meal, since we consider that it is a way to promote  happiness in the team  and to bring the group together. We tell each other our anecdotes from the weekend, how we are doing and things from work to start the week.

Every Monday we decide together what kind of food Phone Number List we eat that day (although lately we always opt for Japanese, heh, heh). We talk, we laugh, we enjoy ourselves, and we have two little rituals that help us to reinforce the team feeling:

  • Share an example of something that happened to us that represents one of the three  Cyberclick values:  “Admire people”, “Always find a better way” and “Customer experience freaks”.
  • Tell  good news  about something that happened to us the week before. Sharing the joys of life is very important! (It can be professional or personal).

If you also want to work in a happier company, go ahead and organize your team to eat together and start enjoying all these advantages. Take advantage!

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