Digital Marketing Plan: How to Make It Effective Step by Step

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Digital Marketing Plan: How to Make It Effective Step by Step

The  digital marketing plan  is an essential map to achieve the objectives of the brand. It is, therefore, a tool that all marketing teams have to work with every day. But just making a plan does not guarantee the results we seek. To be truly effective, a digital marketing plan must include all the necessary information and be practical in guiding our actions. If we dedicate time, care and resources, the results will be worth it. Therefore, we are going to see  how to make an effective digital marketing plan step by step . And if you need more help,  don’t miss our downloadable template!

Why is it necessary to have a digital marketing plan?

The digital marketing plan is a document that includes, at a minimum, the following information:

  • The  situation  of the brand, both internally and externally.
  • The  objectives  that are intended to be achieved and that will always have to be coordinated with the general business goals of the company. Some companies choose to include the online marketing plan as a section of the general plan and others work with separate departments, but it is important that they are always coordinated.
  • The  strategies  and  actions  that we are going to carry out to achieve these objectives (time planning, description of the campaigns, tasks, etc.).
  • How we are going to  measure  the results of the actions.

Having a well-developed digital marketing plan brings multiple advantages to the company:

  • Deepen the  knowledge  of the market and the Buy Romania Consumer People Phone List target audience. A good marketing plan always begins with an investigation phase that will allow us to know what the situation is and how we can respond to it.
  • Align digital marketing actions with the  general objectives  of the brand, so that all the departments of the company are rowing in the same direction.
  • Use available  resources  in an efficient and organized manner, without unnecessary costs of budget or staff time.
  • Improve  internal communication , as all team members can use the marketing plan as a guide to coordinate with each other.
  • Improve  communication with the customer . In the case of marketing agencies, it is essential to develop the online marketing plan together with the client, to ensure that it meets their expectations and needs. Throughout the project, the client and the agency may refer to the plan to follow the evolution of the actions.
  • Give an  effective response  to crises, since we will have foreseen different scenarios in which the objectives are not achieved.
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How to make an effective digital marketing plan step by step

1) Analysis and starting point

To know where we want to go, the first step is to see in detail what scenario we are in. This is why an  effective online marketing plan  always starts with a research phase.

In this section, we need to answer the following questions:

  • What are the  products and services  we offer like? What is the company’s unique selling proposition?
  • What have we done so far in our online marketing and what results have we obtained with it? Do they talk about us on the networks?
  • How is our  website ? Are there aspects that we need to improve?
  • To  whom  we want to go?
  • What is the competition doing  ? How does our brand compare and what can we learn from them?

2) Objectives

The objectives are the scale by which we are going to measure the success or failure of our digital marketing. In order not to give us a bump, I always recommend that we focus on the  acronym SMART:

  • Specific : the objectives must be detailed and concrete. Try to answer the basic questions of what, who, where, when, how, and why.
  • Measurable (measurable) : if we cannot measure a specific objective, it will be impossible to know if we have reached it. Therefore, you must think about what KPIs you will use and how you will define success.
  • Achievable (achievable) : the objectives little or too ambitious do not serve us.
  • Realistic : that is, that takes into account our resources and previous achievements.
  • Time-bound (in time) : finally, we will have to specify a deadline for our objective, in which we will establish a control to see if it has been met or not and why. It can be helpful to break a global goal down into smaller goals so that we can correct course as we go.

On this basis, the specific objectives will depend on each brand and its situation. Obviously, we can include several objectives in our plan, but always looking for them to complement each other and not be incompatible with each other. Here are some examples of  common goals  for a digital marketing plan:

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Increase brand awareness among the target audience.

  • Reach new markets, either by location or by type of audience.
  • Launch a new product or service.
  • Improve return on investment (ROI).
  • Expand market share with respect to the competition.
  • Increase the profits of the company.
  • Optimize the conversion funnel.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Build loyalty with existing customers.
  • Increase sales.

3) Buyer person

The buyer persona is a  portrait of our ideal client , which helps us to focus our offer of products and services and guide all the brand segmentation. Sometimes it may be necessary to define more than one profile, if we have product lines for different types of users.

A buyer persona must include:

  • Demographic information: age, gender, occupation, income level, place of residence …
  • The online and work behavior of the user.
  • What is your current relationship with our brand.
  • What are your aspirations and needs in relation to our brand.

4) Content plan

What type of content we are going to create throughout the period to which the plan refers and how we are going to distribute it to our target. Here we can define different formats and create a content calendar that helps us in planning. When it comes to raising the content, my recommendation is that you think both about the  buyer persona  that you have defined before and about the different  phases of consideration . The further the user has advanced in the conversion funnel, the more specific and focused on our brand the content that we will offer can be.

5) Keywords

The keywords or keywords are behind the SEO and SEM strategy of the brand and all the content that we are going to create. Due to their key role in structuring the web and directing traffic to it, we need to dedicate a special section to them within the content plan.

When researching the keywords we are going to focus on, we have to take these parameters into account:

  • The relevance of the keyword to our brand.
  • The intent of the user searching for this keyword (what stage of the funnel is it in?).
  • The volume of searches.
  • The level of competition.
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6 ) Platform plan

The world of social media offers many options to promote our brand, but it is always better to focus on the ones that best suit the objectives and define well what we are going to use each of them for. For this reason, in this section of  the digital marketing plan,  I propose that you include the different social networks and other media that you are going to use and the objectives that you hope to achieve with each of them.

7) KPIs and measurement strategy

Using as a reference the objectives that we have Phone Number List defined in section 2, now we are going to “translate” them into  key metrics or KPIs . For each key metric, we can set a monthly goal (or with the periodicity that makes the most sense for our plan) and establish what checks we are going to carry out to make sure we are on the right track.

8) Contingency plan

Finally, to close our marketing plan, we must answer the following question:  what will happen if the objectives are not met? For each of the KPIs that we have defined in the previous section, we need to think of a response plan for different scenarios, for example, what will we do if we do not reach the objectives by 75%, 50% or 25%. We can define different actions such as diversifying the platforms, opening new investment avenues or even rethinking the aspects of the plan that are not working as we expected.

And ready! You already have everything you need to start working with your team and achieve all the goals you set for your  digital marketing . I hope that now you are more clear about how to develop a  digital marketing plan  that responds to the needs of your brand. To make it even easier for you, we’ve put together a  downloadable template  with all the slides you need to create a complete online marketing plan. You just have to fill in the template with your company information and you are ready to go! You can download your template now here .

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