Cuba Is One Of Five Healthiest Countries in the World

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Cuba Is One Of Five Healthiest Countries in the World

“Healthy international locations” isn’t the most popular statistics subject for mass media. Newspapers typically write about viruses, sicknesses or epidemics threatening the complete area without delay. The American mag “Foreign Policy” has posted the rating of the 5 healthiest international locations and explained its preference.


On the whole, the Japanese stay longer benin mobile numbers than representatives of different countries – their average lifetime makes up 86 years. The mystery of the Japanese fitness consists in physical exercising and meals products with a low content of ldl cholesterol. The Japanese weight loss program includes fish, rice and sea-weed which lower the hazard of coronary heart illnesses and cancer.

Fitness golf equipment have are available style in Japan. Sound fitness of several generations of this state is maintained and stepped forward due to a special country program which offers exercise earlier than and at some point of the workday. This application is financed by the Government.

The largest Japanese cell operator already offers “Fitness Phone”, a service of measuring day by day bodily exercise, to lovers of the advanced technologies.

Nowadays, populace fitness is threatened by way of the “western” food with its traditionally excessive content material of fats: 7 million of the Japanese are suffering from diabetes, which spreads in Asia quicker that during different elements of the sector.




France has the lowest charge of coronary heart illnesses that are taken into consideration the main reason of mortality. Specialists give benin mobile numbers an explanation for this fact with the aid of sluggish ingesting and every day intake of a pitcher of wine. The French cuisine is traditionally rich in fats and carbohydrates, but it’s miles eaten slowly, a bit at a time and washed down with a slight quantity of wine.

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It is really worth citing that during 2002 the World Health Organization declared France the healthiest country of the European Union. Despite the reality that the various French die of cancer and other intense diseases, the common lifetime in France makes up 75 years for men and 83 years for girls, and goes on growing.

Nowadays, obesity is asserted a prime problem, and a excessive rate of mortality caused by cancer and cardiovascular illnesses is registered in France. The leadership of this u . S . A . Concerning the low price of cardiovascular illnesses is walking the chance of turning into a bad leadership.


Iceland has the lowest child mortality price and the first-class antenatal care in the international. Figures talk for themselves: 2 deaths of youngsters under five per a thousand of newborns. In america this price makes up 7 youngsters.

The Icelandic Government pays for a benin mobile numbers benin mobile numbers wide range of services of mom and baby medical care. Besides, it assures upkeep of 80 in keeping with cent of the mom’s income at some stage in three months.

However, nowadays the Icelandic populace also suffers from weight problems. The united states annually consumes an substantial quantity of sugar consistent with capita, especially because of an exaggerated ardour for carbonated drinks.

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