Content Curation: What It Is, Why Do It, and How to Get Started

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Content Curation: What It Is, Why Do It, and How to Get Started

It is not difficult for information and content to be increasingly accessible, mainly with the arrival of social networks. And, it is common to find people with difficulties to manage them. But what is the relationship of this with content curation? In this post we will explain it.


What is content curation?

When an entrepreneur decides to implement content marketing , they basically have two options:

  • The creation
  • The replica of information present on the web. Process normally carried out through social networks or email marketing.

However, when you decide to do the second option exclusively, you will encounter some difficulties.


After all, what content can be relevant to your audience and your company?

It is precisely to solve these types of issues that content curation is necessary. The process involves the segmentation and filtering of content to later share it with the audience through access channels.


Why Curate Content?

To give you an idea, every 60 seconds:

  • 168 million emails are sent worldwide
  • 600 videos are published on Youtube
  • 1,500 texts are published on blogs.

According to information obtained by the



Another point that makes curation even more UK Phone Number relevant is the fact that content cannot simply be posted on social media without any contextualization. In any case, there is a certain margin of creation necessary for your audience to understand what is the relevance of the published material and what is its relationship with the products or services offered by the company.


How to do a content curation?

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  • The first of these is research and involves catching up on news and articles as well as identifying the best sources. Here, the use of Google alerts and RSS feeds from relevant blogs can be extremely useful to stay constantly updated.
  • The second stage is contextualization.
  • The last but not least, is the content disclosure stage.
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Despite being simple, healing also demands a lot of attention from the one who performs it.

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