Bauhaus Football Club, the Greatest Design Team of All Time

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Bauhaus Football Club, the Greatest Design Team of All Time

But also, In this period of world cup, Graphéine had fun imagining a world cup of designers. Just as the Seleção are the most mythical team in football. We wondered which team would have been the equivalent in design. The answer is obvious: The Bauhaus Football Club! Imagine… Paul Klee as left winger. Walter Gropius as centre-forward, Kandinsky in goal… and Mies Van der Rohe replacing ! We will count you the adventure of this dream team.Vibrant colours combined with modern materials (steel, glass…) and made functional thanks to simple geometric shapes make it possible to create an architectural and minimalist system. The school principals are all architects! (Architects are actually designers.


Bauhaus, the School That Revolutionized Design

The first Bauhaus school, which literally means “building house”. Was founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany, by the architect Walter Gropius. It is in line with Mondrian’s art and the constructivist movement. It is first of all a physical fusion of two schools: the School of Fine Arts and the School of Applied Arts. This merger gave birth to a Costa Rica Phone Number List unique and strong concept, the foundation for the Bauhaus. In Weimar, where the school was founded, the “Bauhaus”, its avant-garde ideas and its students with a “communist” tendency, were rather frowned upon at the time. As a reminder, Weimar will leave his sad name through the Weimar Republic which will end with Hitler coming to power. So the Bauhaus moves to Dessau.

A Tactic in 3 Steps

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But also, The philosophy that guides the Bauhaus could fit in a line “I don’t want to be big, I want to be good”, it’s the idea of building in a fair way, without any superfluous whatsoever. It is a deeply humanistic vision that must guide the design. This is the precept that would later become the “Less is more” under the pen of Mies van der Rohe. In IG Users Phone List the vision of the Bauhaus, art must free itself from distinctions and must not only be categorized in the box. Of the beautiful (Fine Arts) or the functional (Applied Arts), it must be both, both art and technology. To this must be added the idea that objects. Buildings or any design idea must be conceivable in series, and thus accessible to the greatest number.

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