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Why Is Netease Cloud Music Stunned by “Anonymous Social Networking”?

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Why Is Netease Cloud Music Stunned by “Anonymous Social Networking”?

User psychology: To be able to grasp the user’s psychology For example, some test-type H5 will capture the user’s curiosity and use people’s curiosity about the unknown to trigger the user’s opening behavior. For example, the more common random draw, B2B Email List personality test. There are also some H5s that will capture the user’s mentality of wanting to shape their self-image. Such H5s will randomly generate some beautiful words to describe users to help users create a positive image. For example, the personality test jointly launched by NetEase Cloud and Fifth Personality. Basically, they are creating some kind of personal image for the user.

There Are Also Some H5s That Will Capture

This kind of trigger to shape the personality  also B2B Email List greatly mobilized the probability of users sharing and forwarding. There are also some H5s that will capture the profit-seeking mentality of users, and users will get certain benefits after forwarding. For example, H5 users of games will get gift packages. When designing such H5s, B2B Email List it is necessary to pay attention to win-win settings. A win-win setting means that when a user shares this H5 page, in his sharing scenario, potential users can also gain certain benefits after opening it. In this way, the psychological burden of the sharer is reduced, not simply seeking profit, but benefiting the other party, and increasing the conversion rate of potential users to become formal users.

Many People Did Not Really Flee

B2B Email List
B2B Email List

The psychology of showing off is also a user psychology often used in H5 design. Users show off certain specialties by sharing certain achievements they have achieved. In fact, it is also a sense of self-image building. Like the popularB2B Email List  “Escape from Beishangguang” before, it actually takes advantage of people’s desire to find topics to talk about and to seek social recognition. Many people did not really flee from Beishangguang. He shared his participation just to show an attitude: B2B Email List “I am also in it.” At present, H5 will also start to try to do the opposite. It takes advantage of the current young people’s increasing pursuit of personalization, sets the page in a niche and stylish form, and makes users feel the uniqueness of individuals by highlighting the differences.

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Self-suggestion and the Guidance

This promotes the user’s self-awareness, and the user will feel “yes, this is me, the unique me.” Self-suggestion and the guidance of H5 will soon spread. Everyone thinks they are irreplaceable, but everyone also needs such an H5 to speak for them. In B2B Email List short, the popularity of H5 must be able to accurately grasp the user’s psychology. Thereby stimulating the user’s internal trigger, and then a little stimulation from the outside. B2B Email List external trigger plus internal trigger, the user will naturally participate. However, it is not enough to find the pain points of users. If an H5 page is not set well enough, there is no chance of explosion.

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