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Amazon Advertising 5 years ahead

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Amazon Advertising 5 years ahead

The  advertising Amazon  is still relatively unknown to marketers and consumers, but this could be about to change. According to the latest data, in the next 5 years Amazon will earn 38,000 million dollars through its advertising. If you want to know the reason for its success and what it means for online advertising, read on!

The Future of Amazon Advertising: What the Data Says

According to the latest projections from  Pivotal Research ,  advertising on Amazon will  reach  $ 38 billion  in revenue by 2023. This means that ads Nepal Phone Number List will be the fastest growing area for this company. This is an impressive number, but experts do not believe it is enough to catch up with the two giants of the online advertising market  : Google and Facebook. However, it will manage to unseat the rest of the competitors and position itself in third place.

As for the reasons for this rise, the study points to several aspects:

  • Greater control . Compared to  Google and Facebook , Amazon retains more control over what happens to its advertising. Since this is not your main source of income, you can be much more strategic and not only think about the short term.
  • More data.  Amazon is in a prime spot when it comes to consumer data. Not only is it the largest online store in the world, but it also occupies a very important place when researching purchase options: users use it to compare different products, even if they plan to buy them elsewhere. Therefore,  Amazon Advertising  can make use of very specific information about the preferences and shopping habits of users.
  • More conversion oriented . Both Facebook and Google’s search and display networks are generalists, that is, users use them for all kinds of purposes not necessarily related to online purchases. Instead, Amazon is the bazaar par excellence, the site that users go to when they are ready to buy. This makes the chances of capturing them in the later stages of the conversion funnel much higher, making advertising even more effective.
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Advertising on Amazon for brands

The conclusion is very clear:  Amazon Advertising  is a solution with a lot of future, so advertisers should start to consider it within their  pay-per-click strategy , along with other solutions such as Facebook and Google. Serving ads within Amazon itself allows us to reach users Phone Number List who are ready to buy, but this is not the only solution that Amazon Advertising offers. Thanks to  Amazon DSP , it is also possible to reach users on other internet sites, but using everything Amazon knows about their purchase intentions. A most tempting possibility for brands looking for high-performing online advertising with a high probability of generating fast conversions.

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