A brief history of operation and development under the tide of the Internet era

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A brief history of operation and development under the tide of the Internet era

But who does this kind of work in traditional industries? Generally, it is done at the level of director and general manager, because such a thing needs to mobilize the human, financial and material resources of the whole company, and it is difficult for a single department manager to conduct a comprehensive operation. There is no soil for the vigorous development of the operation position. It was not until the advent of the Internet that the operation position showed its vigorous vitality.

1. The germination of the Internet from 1984 to 1993

In 1984, Huiduo website was established. Users connected through telephone lines and forwarded letters in a point-to-point manner. The world’s first BBS network was formed. During the peak period of Huiduo.com, there were hundreds of sites across the country, with tens of thousands of users.

Famous BBSs include Easy Express in Beijing, Great Wall, West Point Military Academy, Paradise, Shuke, Crescent in Guangzhou, DataExpress in Shenzhen, and West Point in Zhuhai. The netizens of Huiduo.com are the earliest netizens in China. Later, many netizens of Huiduo.com became Chinese Internet celebrities. Besides Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, and Ding Lei, Qiu Bojun of Kingsoft Software Co., Ltd. is the webmaster of Zhuhai West Point. The state does not believe in tears!” became famous, and later became the chairman of the 8848 website, Lao Rong (Wang Juntao), the head of Fuzhou Station.

Because of the gathering of people, because of the increase in the amount of information, and because of the trend of commercial interests, Internet operation Albania Phone Number positions are about to emerge as the times require.

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2. The period of slow development of the Internet from 1994 to 1997

Albania Phone Number
Albania Phone Number

User volume: less than 300,000

Internet representative works: BBS in the early days of the portal

Representative operation type: website editor BBS administrator

After all, there are still a few people who can access the Internet at this stage. What is the purpose of accessing the Internet? Driven by the desire to explore and benefit from the Internet to seek new continents, part of it is business opportunities, and the other part is to make up for the lack of knowledge. The online world in this period was basically dominated by graphic information, and it was fortunate that the people who had access to the Internet at this stage were also the Kochi group. host.

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