5 Ways a Data Breach Could Kill Your Business

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5 Ways a Data Breach Could Kill Your Business

Today it is unthinkable that a company does not use the Internet to manage its operations in whole or in part. From small family businesses to large multinationals, the Internet has become an essential tool for advertising, interacting with customers, managing accounts, placing orders or controlling inventories, among many other aspects. But all the advantages that Internet offers become a dangerous breaking point if necessary measures are not taken to protect our devices. Especially now that hacks are becoming more common, since they are also more profitable. The recent hack against Dane is just one more example of. The numerous cyberattacks that have taking place in Colombia in recent years, and highlights the need to protect all devices that connected to the Internet.

The company loses access to all its systems

Tools such as an anti-malware suite, a VPN for Chrome and, of course, a cold backup of our data, can help us prevent possible cyber attacks in the future or mitigate their effects, something essential for companies that want to guarantee Afghanistan Phone Number List their viability. Failure to do so could easily compromise the company’s activities and seriously jeopardize its future. If a cyber attacker manages to gain access to critical information about a company that is related to its contracts or the rates it offers to its clients, they can offer this data to rival companies that will give them a great competitive advantage.

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Critical company information falls into the hands of rivals

A ransomware attack based on the leak of a company’s access credentials can allow a hacker to access all the critical data stored on their devices – including their customer databases, accounting IG Users Phone List documents or files. of work – and encrypt them, so that they are inaccessible by the company. This type of cyberattack is usually very profitable for hackers because it allows them to ask for a very generous financial ransom in exchange for releasing the documents. These types of attacks leave companies with only two options. Either companies face an exorbitant payment to get their files back – with no guarantee of recovery – or they simply have to accept the loss of the files and try to get back up and running without them. In this aspect, only a cold backup could save the future of the company.

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